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Job # 10544 Laundry Demo - HE

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Nov 6, 2008 @ 17:58
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Nov 7, 2008
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The Kenmore Elite® HE5t Steam Team™ not only saves you water and energy, it goes beyond green to make every day easier. With SteamCare® technology in the washer and dryer, you have time to focus on the things that matter most.
It’s not a dream. It’s Kenmore® Laundry.

Spend less time doing laundry!
The 4.4 cu. ft. washer capacity easily handles large and bulky items like a king-sized comforter and can clean up to 25 bath towels in one load.* Being able to clean more at once helps save money and water and gives you more time to spend doing the things you love!

[Steam Sanitize]
Protect your family with the deep clean of sanitization.
By selecting Steam Sanitize, the water is heated to temperatures high enough to rid items like baby clothes, towels or sheets from harmful, hard-to-see bacteria. With this NSF® Certified wash temperature, you’ll have added peace of mind knowing your clothes are as clean as can be.

[Steam Treatâ„¢]

Spend less time pre-treating stains!
Different types of stains need to be cleaned at different water temperatures. The Steam Treatâ„¢ option slowly heats up the water from cold to hot with a final spray of steam, removing multiple types of stains in just one load. This way, you can eliminate the guesswork of pre-treating stains and save time, too.

[Timed Oxiâ„¢ Option]

Keep your colors and whites bright!
A unique alternative to bleach, oxygen-based additives provide optimum cleaning results even when using cold water. The Timed Oxiâ„¢ option makes it easy to add your oxygen-based additives to the wash. Simply fill the dispenser and select the option on the console. Without Timed Oxiâ„¢, your additives could be dispensed too early, breaking down detergent and reducing its effectiveness. With Timed Oxiâ„¢, the dispenser will delay the release of your oxygen-based additives until an appropriate time. This gives you improved stain-fighting performance, while still preserving the brightness of your clothes.

[Save Energy Plus Option]

Save additional water and energy!
This high efficiency washer already saves water and energy. By selecting the Save Energy Plus option you can save up to 19% more energy. High wash temperatures require more energy to heat the water. Using the Save Energy Plus option lowers the wash temperature so less energy is used and extends the wash time so performance isn’t sacrificed. Now you have the advantage of high efficiency, and the option to save even more energy for added savings on utility bills!

[SteamCareâ„¢ Refresh Cycle]

Refresh your favorite outfit without the wash!
After a night out or a long day at work, use the HE5 Steamâ„¢ dryer to refresh your clothes in minutes. The SteamCareâ„¢ Refresh cycle relaxes wrinkles and removes odors in the time it takes to shower. A fine mist of water sprays over the clothes early in the cycle. Heat and water combine to relax wrinkles and remove odors. This way you'll do less ironing, your outfit will be fresh and ready-to-wear and you'll be out the door in no time!

[SteamCareâ„¢ Touch Up Cycle]

Spend less time ironing!
Use the SteamCareâ„¢ Touch Up cycle on forgotten loads of laundry left in the dryer or laundry basket too long. A fine mist of water sprays over the clothes early in the cycle. Heat and water combine to relax wrinkles. This way, you can do less ironing and relax wrinkles from even your largest loads all at once!

[Y Connector]

Enjoy steam in the dryer without the hassle!
Steam cycles use water to relax wrinkles and remove odors from clothes. Some dryer models require you to add water manually. With the Kenmore Elite® HE5 Steam™ dryer, a unique Y-connector allows your dryer to use the same water line as the washer. This way, you can use steam cycles in the dryer with ease.

[Laundry Plusâ„¢]

Stay organized!
Make it easier to keep your laundry room tidy with Laundry Plusâ„¢ work surfaces and pedestals. Work surfaces provide a convenient place to sort, fold and treat right on top of the pair. A back guard prevents small items like stray socks from falling behind or between the washer and dryer. The surface is stain and scratch resistant for durability.

Pedestals raise the pair for less bending when loading and unloading and provide ample storage for items like a full-sized detergent bottle. The Kenmore® Exclusive pull-out shelf is a perfect spot to rest your laundry basket and has a dryer sheet caddy built right in. And, work surfaces and pedestals are available in all the new designer colors.

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