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Job # 11423 Customer Service Representative - Female

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Jan 19, 2009 @ 07:14
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Jan 19, 2009
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Middle Aged

Job Description

What I need done:

I need a voice over recorded for my customer service training simulation software.

What the voice talent will provide:

All I need is a “dry” voice. We are simulating a customer service call, so we won’t need any background noise or music.

Other requirements that the voice talent will need to know:

There are audio tip guidelines that we have the customer representatives, who are in training, follow. They are listed below. The voice talent will be the model for the customer service representatives in training, so the voice over must be professional sounding.
• Sound friendly, enthusiastic, and helpful.
• Do you hear a smile in your voice?
• Remember that attitude is contagious!

Confidence Level:
• Sound sure that you are able to meet the customer’s needs.
• Do your sentences flow naturally, without any breaks?
• Avoid pitfalls such as “umms” and “uhhs” which may confuse the customer.
• Avoid unconfident words and phrases such as “I think,” “I might,” or “maybe.” These phrases may discourage the customer in your ability to handle their request successfully.
• Always use confident words and phrases such as “I can,” “I will,” and “absolutely.”

• Make sure your customer feels that you understand their needs.
• Are you showing concern and compassion towards the customer’s needs?
• Use warm, welcoming tones to help the customer feel comfortable and welcome.

• Are you able to clearly understand every word you say?
• Communicate with clear, crisp words.
• Avoid sounding monotonous; use intonation.
• Be expressive in the delivery of your words.

• Are you being careful to use proper English?
• Avoid using any slang.
• Speak professionally at all times.

• Are you speaking so you are easily heard?
• Make sure your voice is not too loud or too soft.
• Does it sound like you are speaking directly into the microphone?
• Use a consistent volume.

Specific expertise that I'm seeking:

I need to hire someone who can read well, making the script sound natural and flow well. The voice talent must be able to speak slowly enough (not too slow, not too fast) so the customer service representative in training can easily learn from them.

Timeframe for delivery:

I'll need the voice-over recorded and delivered to me within 2 days of the response deadline (the earlier, the better).

Audio File Format:

Each audio file must be saved in .wav format. Clear, high quality recordings only with no humming, hissing, or static.

Extra notes:

The voice talent will see the whole script, but their part will be marked with a highlighted area before it. Each separate audio file will start with CSR_ and will have a number corresponding with it, i.e.: CSR_01. These will be the names of each of the audio files to be saved. The customer’s response will be in parenthesis and will be recorded by a different voice talent. I have attached 3 scripts for one female to act as the voice of a customer service representative.

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