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Job # 1220 The Horror of It All

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Mar 13, 2006 @ 05:58
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Mar 17, 2006
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Cliffhanger Productions specializes in creating radio comedy bits that we syndicate nationwide. Right now, we are working on several comedy pilot episodes that we hope to sell to XM Radio's Sonic Theater on XM Channel 163.

This particular project is called "The Horror of It All", and will be a series based on the classic horror genre, but with a comedic twist. (Think Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein)

We've filled all but 4 parts so far; two males and one female part, plus an announcer part which could be male or female, depending on what we hear.

The two male parts will be difficult, as we are looking for DEAD ON impressions of Boris Karloff and Vincent Price. A big order to fill, but necessary. Audition for these parts ONLY if you can come close.

The female part will be a mad scientist's lab assistant. She is the "straight" member of the team, adding credibility to the scientists' madness. She is young (18-30), intelligent, but hopes to reform the doctor someday.

Note* We do NOT have time to listen to pre-produced reels, so audition ONLY if you can read our script. Thank you, and good luck. By the way, if the show sells, we would plan on producing either 18 or 36 more episodes, according to the contract run, so there is ample opportunity for the right people.

Here are the demo scripts.

Boris Karloff: "That's my name...say it correctly or I shall dissect you for lunch. Yes Igor, I admit that my work is somewhat strange. But I have ALWAYS wanted to bring a dead body back to life. Why? Well, it has something to do with my love life. You wouldn't understand. This is my assistant, Dr. Morbius. He may LOOK dead, but I swear, he's NOT one of my creations. Don't say anything bad about him, because his son is a kung-fu expert. Now my dear, hand me that scalpel. OWW! Next time, hand it to me with the sharp edge AWAY from me. Good help is so hard to find any more. He's not here any more. He threw himself into the Death Ray just long enough to distract the villagers so that I could finish my work. What a nice thing to do!"

Vincent Price: "You dare to question the word of one of the leading experts in the field of cellular regeneration? His name is Dr. Arnold Lambert, and he's the head of the Autopsy Commission. Why, he loves his work so much that he even performs autopsies in his spare time. In fact, autopsies were his hobby for 20 years before he even went to medical school!"

Female lab assistant: "Dr., what IS this thing that I've got in my hand? Yuck! Why didn't you TELL me? I know I'm just an assistant, but I think I read somewhere that people are supposed to be dead before you can perform an autopsy on them. Why is that important? But I thought you liked me, doctor! Doctor, you really shouldn't eat your lunch here in the operating room! Oh, well that makes sense. God, I better quit this profession. He's starting to make sense!"

Announcer: (Male or female):(VERY OMINOUS) "Prepare yourself for...The Horror of It All! If you have a weak stomach, or a weak mind, then perhaps you had better leave. Come to think of it, after hearing a few minutes of this yarn, you will probably leave anyway!"

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