Anoxemia Drone AI voiceover (GLaDOS style)

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Job # 125488 Anoxemia Drone AI voiceover (GLaDOS style)

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Nov 24, 2014 @ 01:23
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Nov 29, 2014
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Softspoken, Dangerous
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Young Adult

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Hello! We have this game out there on greenlight, bu still in development, we have really cool male voice for main character, but now we need voice for little drone. Here is game

We need female voice actress to make an voice for drone, something maybe similar to but ,aybe more cold and heartles but still sometimes with emotions that go through. Well just read some sample script and we will contat you if your voice is amazing!

Just to explain some, as looks first mistakes in building a sentence, its synthetic program this is how it works when its done synthetically, and "it" is how ATMA names main character that follows drone. If you have better idea how to build some sentences but still keep it, synthetic like than feel free to change it! It most sound really calm and creepy at the same time. Here story that goes inside game so you will understand more your character. Spoilers :)

Stroy goes like this, there is a big submarine there a guys taht want to get some biological weapon from old naval base, but, they cant progress in obtaining this weapon cause all doors and systems are really old and response only to DNA of registered people, and even explosive wont help, they tryid ift first time and all they get is half ruined main entrance, so they decide to do it in anther way, they found rests of one of the dudes that was working there 30 years ago, take his DNA and make bunch of clones, but they dont have much left memory about his life, but there some bits of information, so then they make a fake memory for him like he is on mission to save earth from contamination and he need to follow drone ATMA and collect seagrass samples and find where is the source of contamination, but ATMA was controlled by operator (random dude) by connecting his body and brain wis some neuroimplants so delay will be as small as possible and control will be full. So first operator was connected to ATMA and know what the real objective was and he was trying to get to the base and he was failing over and over, to make it more possible after each death of Dr. Baily drone colect DNA and reprocess rests of clone and store all possible information so it can be injectod into next one, but here where trick is happening, all tis memorys tored in ATMA starting to gain effect and control over some ATMA systems and this wierd synth of human consciousness and ATAM's AI starts to kicks in, so first what this wierd beign was trying to do, is make this mission as long as possible cause for him end og the mission will mean end of his life, and in one moment when first operator was really close to gain acces to the base ATMA starts to playing with operators mind giving him illusions, feel of anxiety and all sort of things, all this leads to operators death. This is just a backstory, so then dudes in this submarine decides not to waste real people anymore so they take one of the clones and inject him memory of previous operator, and here is the game starts, you are an operator who are a clone actually of Dr. Baily controling an ATMA who is a clone of of mind of Dr.Bailys who lead clone of Dr. Baily to finish this mission :D

As you progress ATAM is starting to try old medicine on you but then finds out who you are and than trying to negotiate with you but then feeling that you are progrssing and almost near the end of mission starts to do some wierd stuff to you like illusions and stuff, and in the end when you found the bioweapon sample he is give you a chose you can wait and he will upload all his mind to your body and all memory all what Dr. Baily is will survive and you will be able to avange for all this what was happening to you, or you can ignore him and just take bioweapon and than control over drone will be taken by this dudes who started all this and will kill your clone, you and erase ATAM's memory so its kind of a bad ending :)

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