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Job # 13 Software Intro Demo

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Aug 24, 2006 @ 20:41
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Aug 27, 2006
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The script below will take form as a 10 slide introductory product demo for a startup software company. The demo should run around 3-5 minutes total.

We are looking to have the voice over completed and delivered ASAP, as we are going to launch mid next week and our current voice talent fell through. Thanks.


Slide One:

It has been broadly researched and reported that poorly planned and executed meetings can dramatically impact an organization’s top and bottom line.

We spend billions on meetings each year, but do nothing to ensure that the critical information captured is managed correctly, causing the majority of these meetings to become a colossal waste of time and money.

…And while we find ourselves in more meetings each year; the improper management of meeting information only seems to be making business more inefficient and less productive.



Slide Two:

In today’s challenging business environment, exploding corporate globalization, a surge in travel costs, expanding regulatory requirements, and the proliferation of technology has fueled the need for organizations to drastically optimize their meeting productivity.



Slide Three:

As a result, organizations are holding more meetings than ever before. Yet, many of these meetings have become highly unproductive due to; a lack of proper structure, lost critical information… and mismanaged action items.

These inefficiencies manifest in productivity drains that impact all aspects of business, costing billions of dollars and millions of lost man hours each year.



Slide Four:

While current technology can facilitate real-time meetings, there is only one solution that empowers individuals to efficiently capture, distribute, and manage all of the critical information that is shared in meetings.

The future of meetings is now. Welcome to MeetingSense!



Slide 5:

MeetingSense™ software dramatically improves meeting productivity by empowering employees to capture, distribute, archive, and manage all of the critical information shared during meetings, while allowing users to easily assign and track action items.

Each week MeetingSense will help you:
• Eliminate countless hours of wasted prep time
• Reclaim hours of meeting information distribution
• Manage action items to ensure completion
• Eliminate mistakes caused by poorly run meetings
• Get instant access to archived meeting information
• Always be the star of every meeting



Slide 6:

Before your meetings… MeetingSense integrates directly into Microsoft Outlook to instantly add structure and provide meeting best practices throughout your normal meeting set up. Because of this integration, MeetingSense allows you to leverage and enhance your existing meeting preparation habits, without introducing steep new learning curves.



Slide 7:

During your meetings… MeetingSense lets you capture every bit of information that has been shared, including; meeting audio, the participants list, supporting files, the agenda, key points and decisions, any assigned action items, slides and documents, meeting notes, and much more.



Slide 8:

Following your meetings… MeetingSense provides an easy way to share all of the information you’ve captured, via a completely customized meeting summary. Once tailored, you can automatically distribute the information in a comprehensive, organized email summary that anyone can easily receive. You can even choose to send individual emails to those who have been assigned action items.



Slide 9:

Finally… MeetingSense provides you with a comprehensive archive of all of your past and future meeting information. This repository allows you to easily track and manage your entire catalog of: past and future meeting records, assigned action items… and any files used in your meetings.

All of which are always contextually linked, to provide you with complete, unprecedented meeting archival and information management capabilities.



Slide 10:

By providing users with a simple, powerful way to capture, share, and manage meeting information, MeetingSense ensures that your organization's considerable investment in meeting time is leveraged directly into identifiable cost savings and productive action.

Try MeetingSense and start optimizing your meeting productivity today!



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