Audiobook: A Quick Bite

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Job # 13445 Audiobook: A Quick Bite

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Jun 5, 2009 @ 14:47
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Jun 5, 2009
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Young Adult

Job Description

CLIENT: HarperCollins
LENGTH: 8-12 hrs
AUDIENCE: For customers to purchase

INSTRUCTIONS: Read complete text from manuscript omitting only such things that don't need to be read, such as credits, acknowledgments, dedications, appendices, indices, notes, photos, tables, illustrations, etc.

A couple things to note:

1) You will be responsible for reading, editing, mixing and tracking this title per the most recent HarperCollins Production Specs located in the Assets tab
2) Music queues (if required) will be provided for you in the Assets tab.
3) You will be required to upload chapters in MP3 format via the Edits tab for QA review. StudioNow will review your title and provide notes on the project page to you if changes are needed. Once all the revision notes have been posted and the changes have been made by you, you will prepare the title for final delivery per below instructions.
3) If you come across any words or proper names that you are not able to pronounce, please visit or for assistance. Otherwise, if you would send me a list, I will get a pronouciation guide from the publisher.

Please read the following excerpt from the book and post:

Dwayne murmured with plea¬sure as she ran her lips lightly along the line of his jugular vein. Once she’d found the best spot for her purposes, Lissianna opened her mouth, breathed in through her nose as her canines slid out to their full, sharp length, then sank them into his neck.
Dwayne released a little gasp and went stiff, his arms tightening around her, but that only lasted for the briefest of moments. He soon began to relax against the cold bin as Lissianna sent him the sensations she was experiencing; the satisfaction as blood coursed up through her teeth and straight into her system, the dizzy rush as her system moved eagerly to absorb this offering.
The only description she could have given to explain that initial reaction, was the ¬off-¬kilter list of a boat when everyone on board rushed to one side of the deck, making it tilt in the water. Lissianna’s body had the same reaction as her hungry blood rushed to absorb the new blood, racing from every part of her body toward her head, where her teeth ¬were sucking in what her body so desperately needed. It caused a ¬not-¬unpleasant head rush. She imagined it was similar to what people experienced when they took a drug. Only this wasn’t a drug, it was life to Lissianna.

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