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Job # 1347 Friends in High Places

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Apr 9, 2006 @ 18:53
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May 1, 2006
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We are looking for a special someone who can do multiple accents during story narration. We are a new publisher of audio books that are written to be told, not read, and we are seeking someone to be our voice and grow with us.

The first step is for you to send us a demo of the following non-comedic accents. The accents shouldn't be heavy. They must be easily understood to a listening audience.

A 30 something Russian woman

A 30 something free-spirited Aussie man

A 50 something Texan military type professor at A&M
(maybe slower/lower speaking voice with a touch of drawl)

An African-American man from Harlem (educated at Oxford, maybe with slight British accent)

A ruthless, Eurasian man (smart, tenacious and competent. No discernable accent, but attitude)

Bitter ex-wife of a Texas type who now is with the Eurasian man (standard American broadcast accent, just her manner of speaking)

The following script is for the first three characters and. You can make up a few sentences for the others.

The project is a 35000 word book (four hours narration at 150-160 wpm) and will be recorded using these voices. As usual in audio books, all other voices will need to be distinguished from each other, but they are walk ons and won't need to be anything special. We would like to experiment with a very small amount of sound effects and music to be edited in, only enough for flavor and tension, similar to an old time radio show, but not over-the-top.

Our budget is $500 for the above. We are expecting many follow up episodes for this and other series.


When word that Pegasus One was in trouble leaked out, the media, who had cut back their coverage, returned in droves. By this time, Boone had abandoned his comfortable chair for pacing like a Texas Road Runner. Dodging people, he pin balled from one monitor to another, finally coming to rest by the Flight Director.

"Anything yet, Flight?"

"Nothing since you asked sixty seconds ago. Get some coffee Boone. I’ll let you know the minute anything happens."

"Coffee’s the last thing I need. I’m already as nervous as a virgin on prom night." Boone moved on. "Control Two?"

"Wormhole just closed. We’ll have to wait to communicate until they open a new one."

Boone halted abruptly to check the atomic clocks behind the holographic communication’s platform.. Damn, we should have heard something by now, he thought as he was bumped from behind. He whirled around to find himself nose to nose with a tall, Slavic-looking young woman, with flaxen hair braided down her back. "Where the hell did you come from?"

She backed up a step. "Ekaterina Alexeievna Petrova, Director of Hyper-dimensional Physics at Novosibirsk Institute. New leader of Russian liaison team."

Boone looked surprised. "You're too young to be the Petrova who made FTL travel possible."

"Nyet. Was mother, Olga Petrova who devise equations." She extended her hand.

"She and father use to combine relativity, super-string and quantum theories. I just develop algorithms for Moebius maneuver into M-space..."

"And make the quantum converter possible." Boone broke in. "I taught y’all’s stuff at the Academy." He enclosed her small hand in his large one. "It’s a rare privilege, Dr. Petrova."

She shook his hand vigorously. "Please refer to me as Katya, not doctor."

"But aren’t you also a physician?"

She shrugged and changed the subject with a wave of her hand. "Forgive intrusion, but why you wait for Pegasus One to open communication's wormhole?"

"It closes when they leave M-space," Boone said, a puzzled expression formed on his face.

"Not what I meant." Katya talked fast, using her hands. "Maybe it possible to create from here, with dimensional residue of Pegasus One’s transit. Have done with unmanned Soyuz at Russian launch center in Kazakhstan."

Boone’s soft gray eyes became appraisingly flint-like. "You sure?"

"Da." Her unwavering gaze met his. "After Russian probes transit through M-space, not have enough power to create even small wormhole of communications. So open one from Baikonur Cosmodrome instead. Might do here before singularity residue dissipates -- if have sufficient power."

Boone’s brow twisted. "Damn, I knew we should have had more unmanned flights." He dragged Katya to Control One, then instructed the computer to re-route all non-essential power there. Boone removed the occupant's virtual reality visor and microphone and offered them to Katya. "Ok, do your thing." Boone reached in his pocket and rubbed the four-leaf clover lucky piece he always carried there. He breathed a silent prayer while her slender fingers flew over the keyboard.

Katya gave the computer one final verbal command. Then waited. When nothing happened she turned to Boone and said, ”Need more power."

"Re-route all non-essential power to console one," Boone ordered all consoles. Still nothing. Boone's shoulders sagged helplessly.

"Have patience," Katya gently chided him.

The flight director yelled something and pointed at the reception platform, where a flimsy holographic image was forming.

"G’day, Mission Control," the image said. "Chief Engineer Quin Lonnigan, your favorite Aussie, at your service."

"Privet, Commander. Katya Petrova here," She motioned for the ground personnel to be quiet, and raised her voice to be heard over their cheers. "Roger that, but signal is weak."

"Privet? Aaah I see, you must be that cute new Russian genius I heard about." His image waved. "Call me Quin."

Katya held up one hand and wiggled her fingers goodbye as an out of breath Boone arrived at the platform.

"What's the ship’s condition and location?" he asked.
"G'day sir. Energy generators burned so much power; we had to drop out of M-space early. Been twiddlin’our thumbs, waiting for you ‘groundhogs’ to reach us." His image flickered.

"We're losing you -- need your position," Boone said. But the hologram vanished as quickly as it had appeared. "Get him back, Katya."

"Dimensional window breaking down. Need more power."

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