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Apr 12, 2006 @ 14:46
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We are looking for and upbeat yet professional sound. This is for a promotional CD for automotive dealerships. We would like each paragraph as a separate recording. Thank you for your time.

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Over the next several minutes we would like to show you how Client Technologies can help take your dealership to the next level by creating a more positive and meaningful relationship with your clients.

As we all know, in the auto industry, every month is a new opportunity. To try to close those few extra deals. To make this month better than the last. Advertising costs are increasing, yet the monthly numbers seem to remain flat. The question is why does this occur. The answer, lost sales. Dealerships lose nearly as many clients as they gain.

Client Technologies has created a client management solution that will have an immediate and lasting positive impact on your clients. Our series of strategically timed, expertly written letters keep you and your customers connected throughout the ownership cycle with added emphasis at key intervals . Our optional Thank You gifts deliver more emotional impact than just a hand shake. Another optional service is our Target Marketing program that allows you to sort and target specific clients for specific events.

Don’t leave repeat business to chance. Prepare for tomorrow’s business today.

Comprehensive Contact Schedule

Client Technologies has designed a comprehensive contact schedule that initiates and maintains positive impact with the customers you are targeting. The result is a consistent means of dealership name recognition and retained customer loyalty.

Our contact schedule is strategically timed to interact with an individual’s specific requirements. A client financing a vehicle will queue a different series of contact letters than that of a lease client. A 39 month lease will in turn will require a different schedule than a 60 month lease and so on.

The program begins with your dealership entering the customer’s information on our secure website. An initial thank you letter is then sent directly to your client. These letters consist of high quality laser printing on business letterhead with matching envelopes complete with full brand logos. Subsequent letters will be drafted on the anniversary of the original sale date, as well as a series of count down letters beginning six months prior to the finance or lease end. These letters are shipped along with matching pre printed envelopes via FedEx on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule. They will arrive at your dealership, sorted by sales associate, ready for signatures and mailing. Individual follow-up lists are provided for each sales associates soon to expire lease and finance clients. A corresponding master list will also be provided for the managers. In addition we offer a program called “Heads Up”. This is a series of oversized, full color post cards that are sent to your clients with a specific message or promotion printed on the reverse side. Included on each postcard is a binary bar code that is client specific. When a post card is returned to us as a result of a potential relocation, the post card is digitally scanned. A report Is generated and forwarded to your dealership.


Client Technologies provides dealers with an affordable data, document and client management system by providing total unattended automation of customer communications. Our Client Management System provides a simple, cost effective and efficient solution for client contact during the ownership cycle.

Cost Benefits – Our system will dramatically reduce the time employees spend researching and drafting follow up documents. It will eliminate the need for expensive data management programs, letter head and the machines necessary to process them.. Our program is a cost effective means of maintaining the customer base you already have.

Sales Benefits – Client Technologies provides both the sales managers and sales associates with high quality follow up letters ready for signing and mailing. Our comprehensive contact schedule assures that you will not miss any finance end or off lease opportunities in the future. Accompanying each shipment will be a detailed follow up list for further activities. By using the enclosed lists, dealership personnel can follow each letter with a phone call. Successful target marketing or remarketing campaigns can be achieved by directly connecting with specific clients in your database. This program ensures that the customer contact needs are fulfilled thus allowing more time for sales associates to do what they do best…sell.

Customer Benefits – Whether you choose the basic Client Management System or any of our optional services, Client Technologies will enhance the ownership experience for the customer. We provide a full compliment of services ranging from an initial Thank You gift to comprehensive Target Marketing campaigns. Our goal is to create an impact and maintain a connection with your clients. This fortifies the commitment you have made to them, resulting in greater customer loyalty and repeat business. There is nothing worse than the feeling of being abandoned after the sale only to get a call out of the blue two weeks before your lease is over.

Cost Effectiveness

In today’s competitive market, the average import dealership spends an average of $400 per new client sold. The average Domestic dealership spends an average of $275 for each sale. The bulk of this sum is print and media advertising. Internet leads can run in excess of $20 for each for qualified lead with less than 10% ending in a sale. We seem to lose sight that the best source of increased business is repeat business. Growth can only be achieved if dealerships continue to add to their customer base. For about the same price as an internet lead, Client Technologies provides an innovative and cost effective means of customer communication and retention. By replacing in-house follow up, Client Technologies can provide the complete customer communication solution for a fraction of the expense. Imagine reducing overhead and increasing sales volume.


Client Technologies provides an efficient and affordable data, document and client management solution. This program follows the customer’s ownership cycle from the initial thank you to the conclusion of the term. By entering the data once, you set into motion a comprehensive, strategically timed contact schedule. This ensures a consistent yet low key approach to client communication and retention.

Dealerships begin by logging on to our secure website and entering the client, vehicle and finance information. Data is then collated and assigned a designated follow up schedule. The initial congratulatory letter is sent directly by us to your client. All subsequent correspondence is bulk shipped to yor dealership via FedEx. They are shipped monthly or more frequently depending on dealership sales volumes. The letters and envelopes are separated by sales associate, just distribute, sign and mail.

Never miss another sales opportunity by overlooking a potential prospect. Our program generates several count down letters for clients whose lease or finance contracts are coming to a close. In addition, we provide corresponding reports to the dealership which make the task of follow up more efficient for both the Managers and the Sales Associates.

Target Marketing

Client Technologies makes the task of target marketing simple. You can individualize a marketing campaign by accessing our database of your clients and target only those that meet your criteria. Create a positive impact by personalizing the promotion to the clients being targeted.

– Sales Marketing – Dealerships can sort and separate by a vast array of criteria. For instance you can target owners of specific models to announce a new introduction. Clients can also be notified if a change of sales personnel takes place. By sending a letter of introduction you help to maintain a positive dealership/client connection and prevent potential orphan clients which can result in lost sales.

– Remarketing – You will be able to contact specific clients whose lease or finance contracts are coming to an end. By taking a proactive approach, you lessen the possibility of losing a client to a competitor. It is also a great way to deliver a personalized promotion directly to the client.

– Service Marketing – Sales is not the only department that can benefit from our program. Service can reap the benefits by sending service reminders, specials or even promoting a client appreciation event. This will fortify the image of the department which can often be the deciding factor if a client remains with the dealership after the ownership cycle comes to an end.

– Parts Marketing – The parts department can also participate. Most sales departments fail to do an effective job at marketing accessories. Targeting the newly delivered owners, the parts department can take advantage of potential “hot” buyers. By contacting these new owners and promoting the available accessories for their new vehicle, the parts department could significantly increase accessories sales thus having a positive impact on the bottom line.

Optional Services

Our Thank you gift selections give your dealership the opportunity to leave a memorable impression after the thrill of the delivery is over. The premium gift selection of your choice will arrive at your customer’s home or business 3-4 days after they pick up their new vehicle. This is proven to have a greater and more lasting impact than a token parting gift at pick up. Client Technologies offers four combinations of high quality gift items tastefully wrapped, boxed and shipped directly to your client.

Stay connected with your customers by sending special occasion cards. Whether it’s a holiday greeting, birthday or anniversary , Client Technologies makes the task of tracking, addressing and mailing simple. You choose the occasion and the style of card and we do the rest. This subtle style of correspondence keeps your name in front of your client in a warm and friendly manor without the impression of trying to sell them something.

Whether it’s the Sales department, Service Department or Parts Department, Client Technologies makes the job of target market mailings easy. By accessing your database of clients, you can sort by several types of information, target the customers that fit the criteria best and integrate that data into a custom designed marketing campaign. This program results in higher efficiency, less waste and reduced costs. We even handle the mailing. Such campaigns include new model introductions, lease loyalty programs, special finance or lease promotions, service or parts promotions or a customer appreciation event. You simply choose the event and the search criteria and we do the rest.

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