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Job # 14076 RED THEATRE PROJECT (Season III)

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Jul 9, 2009 @ 03:14
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Jul 17, 2009
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What I need Done: Some Voice Promotions & Trailers for Season the new season of this syndicated radio show

History of Show: (For Reference & feel of show) -/ The Red Theatre Project began in 2007 as our second mix show to carry a television / movie type theme. -/ The show is broadcast in 19 countries, and 182 FM Radio Stations / 11 Syndicated Internet Radio Stations / 1 Satellite HD Feed. -/ The show is based on "Conspiracy Theories" like JFK, World Trade Center, New World Order, 7 / 7, etc. -/ Each show has a different intro or feel from the last, with usually a 8 to 15 minute intro / mini documentary if you will which leads to the "Soundtrack" -/ The world "Theatre" is referring to "Theatre of War" -/ The shows creators, producers, & stations, only use the topic as a theme, but don't necessarily agree with the content. However, each topic is researched by over 20 researchers who volunteer to do fact finding before each show. -/ Yellow Dog Digital Productions syndicates & owns the rights currently to 4 shows which are syndicated via Foster, Lane & Associates Worldwide Syndication, LLC.

----- I would like to invite you to listen to a show example before you decide to send demo. If you are chosen the theme is complex and demanding. We understand this and are willing to pay the difference in production costs from a regular type of layout. Currently we use Paul Avila and the person chosen will work with him on various stingers, intro's, sweeps, and trailers.

------SAMPLES & EXAMPLES------

First I would like to let you listen to SEASON II Trailer which aired in full and in parts all over. This was done by Paul Avila who just did this without a script from me, but just knew the feel of the show and did it.

Keep in mind while listening to this, all of the members who join our mailing lists are called Agents, and we use the MOVIE THEATRE feel for every show. We make a full one sheet poster, an episode cd cover and more.

--- Example Two- The Season II Opener (taken from the Shoutcast Broadcast) (Note: We do 6 versions of the show every week for each type of station). (One is done live every week as well). (NOTE: You will need QUICKTIME) to view & Listen to this PODCAST)


EPISODE 7 Season II™%20%20%5BSeason-02-Ep-07%5D.mp3 *(This show does not need QUICKTIME, just something that will play MP3)

----EXAMPLE FOUR -- LIVE RADIO -- Episode 21 *(No Quicktime Needed for this episode) - Okay, if you have made it this far then you have heard each show and are still interested in digging into haveing some fun with your work. then here we go...

Production: Production is important, but if you don't wish to do final production, then we can do that. I sometimes get the stuff dry, and put the production on myself. However, if you are as good at production as you are with your voice talent, then by all means, I would rather you capture your own production and feel of what your working on.

We have a set budget for each episode of $300 for promotions. (I know that sounds small, but most the time we don't need no more than you saying "The Red Theatre Project Season III Episode 01 - Operation Blue Beam" The Revolution Will NOT be Televised. or On Channel 955 and maybe some back-up voice to a themed intor.

I will pay separate (out of my own pocket) for drops and sweeps like. "This is DJ Royce Live & In the Mix on The Radio One Network" "Dj Royce, is now Live & on your Radio, sit back, close your eyes and take a deep breath, this is The Red Theatre Project" However, we will do some pre-season stuff that can be used on all the stations such as: "Coming up next , its the RED THEATRE PROJECT with DJ Royce The Revolution will not be televised " Then we will do dry voice-overs: "Season III - Episode1, Episode two, Episode Three, etc.... Up to Ep. 30" Dry "The Red Theatre Project is now on your radio on ("On your radio") "The FOllowing Show is Produced by PVM Creative, San Jose California & is broadcast live from The Rocket City & The Yellow Dog Digital Studios " "Trance, Techno & Truth" Now, are you hating me already?

- I have some bonus stuff that you will make more on throughout the season. We are sponsored right now by 4 major sponsors (which means they have ads every episode, and 17 minot sponsors). - E-FOODS has us do their add, and pays to have us do their spots. (15 sec (2) and (60 sec (1) per show). Their budget is going to be around $8,500 for these spots. This will also be contributed on by our studios as we will not use the budget alloted for airtime & broadcasting fees and will give that over to the Production companies such as yourself. Others are Netflix, which are already done for us, and Phoenix Online. Now, not sure if any of you have access to some of the production libraries or not. But Yellow Dog Digital has over 2 Terabyte of Beds, Drones, Sweepers, FX, Drops, Intros, Listeners, Stingers, etc. from major production companies & ourself. We make 80% of our income from these items which we sell to companies such as Short Bus, Orange Panther & more.

- But our library has everything you could think of going all the way back to 2000. with plenty of Vintage soundbytes like Elementary School Films, Propaganda, News Reels, etc. We pull from Orange Panther, Brown Bag, Short Bus, Chase Cuts, Production Vault, Tha Breakz & our Favorite Library (which we have to pay for each one we use) is APMusic ( So if any production material is needed I am willing to share our library.

Okay, for a demo I wanted to choose something that I would not use or could not because we do not have the agreement for season three That is channel 955. So please choose from any of the following or if you want do each one:

Script One: "Your listening to Dj Royce & The Red Theatre Project on Channel 955 Detroits Dance Channel"

Script Two (production demo):"The Red Theatre Project The Revolution, Will Not Be Televised Script Three: Got Something to Shout About? The Red Theatre Shoutbox is now Open. Go online now to Now Script Four: The Theatre Lines are now Open. In the US call 256-829-2502 Outside the US call 877-555-5503 Script Five: "From New York City, This is The Red Theatre Project with your hosts DJ Royce"

------ Again do dry, produced or whatever, I am very ethical and would never use your demos unless I paid you for them. As we serve the voice over industry and would not want to be on the receiving end of what we have complained about with our demos. Thank you for your time, hope this is something you want to take on and I guarantee fun and creativity throughout the third and final season of this landmark show for us.


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