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Job # 1419 Three Customers

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Apr 21, 2006 @ 21:06
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Apr 24, 2006
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Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in my project. Here are the details and script:

Direction: Confident, calm, educational feel with interesting voice quality & inflection.

VO: Your most profitable customers shouldn’t be defined by today’s sales numbers.

Why? Let’s look at three unique customers.

Each projected to do $10,000 in sales this year. Good news. Right? Well…that depends.

At first glance, these customers appear “equal” and “equally profitable” but, with 1:1 insight, you’ll discover each is unique in terms of “value” to your business.

Customer A…a steady, solid customer…$10,000 in sales for five consecutive year… but don’t take her for granted…

”Protect the Content”…

Monitor buying behavior, frequency & velocity…
via “real-time” dashboard reporting.

Implement a maintenance program – she must know her business is appreciated.

And…explore opportunities to increase this customer’s lifetime value.

Customer B…now slated to log $10,000 this year…but this is unfortunate news…three months ago, B was a $50,000 customer.

B is a “Fader”.

To “Save the Fader” we must identify the reason for the fade.

Competitive threat or business decline?

If the fade is due to a competitive threat…act to save the relationship…
Immediately implement a Win-back Strategy with aggressive offers based on the value of lost product sales.
Customer C – another $10,000 customer but, in this case, this is great news. Three months ago, C’s annual sales were projected at only $4000.

Embrace the “Up & Comer”…

Identify the reason for the growth and fuel the momentum…

Make offers based on additional up-sell & cross-sell opportunities…consider volume strategies

Deepen the sales relationship…. offer value-added services…

And re-calculate the customer’s lifetime value – and explore enhancement strategies.

Each scenario – each individual customer - requires a markedly different strategy depending upon whether the objective is to acquire, nurture, protect, embrace, maintain or save the relationship.

That’s how uncommon connections - 1:1 insights – create extraordinary results.

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