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May 22, 2006 @ 15:33
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May 24, 2006
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We are looking for a newsy, upbeat read (not too grave) for kSARIA (kay-sar-ey-uh), a company that manufactures high end fiber optics which go into sophisticated military systems, fighter jets, aircraft carrier defensive systems, etc. The voice age would be 40 plus, newscaster, but not crusty or too severe.

This piece is technical, but it must also be accessible and interesting, differentiating the other guys from this superior, reliable new fiber optic manufacturing system. I have posted half of the script here. We would like to listen to the final read by the talent selected. Looking for a fast turnaround (and payment) on this project -- this week. Thanks, Paul


AWelcome to the kSARIA and DRS Integrated Manufacturing Solutions’ fiber optic interconnect and system manufacturing center of excellence. Created with kSARIA’s world leading automated manufacturing technology in collaboration with the Department of Defense, this work center fabricates the best performing and most reliable fiber optic cable assemblies possible with unmatched quality and consistency. Together, DRS and kSARIA provide the ultimate integrated manufacturing solution for harsh environment, mission critical systems incorporating fiber optic technology by effectively reducing the total cost of system ownership.

Unlike other fiber optic cable assembly manufacturers, kSARIA’s world leading automated manufacturing process and equipment essentially eliminates human participation in the assembly process. Today, other suppliers of fiber cable assemblies perform as many as 35 tedious manual manufacturing steps to produce one fiber optic cable, all critical to final product quality. The quality and performance of manually manufactured fiber optic cable assemblies vary according to the ability, skill, dexterity, and judgment of individual worker making them.

kSARIA has revolutionized the Mil/Aero fiber optic interconnect industry with its sophisticated automated manufacturing technology which delivers only the highest quality assemblies, day in, day out. Raw materials are loaded into the work cell and processed through each workstation starting with cutting fiber to length, preparing fiber ends to accept the termination, installing a connector with epoxy, thermal curing of the epoxy, polishing terminated ends, and final testing and inspection.

Within the Cable Assembly Workstation fiber ends are accurately stripped and cleaned, then terminated with optical connectors. Machine processing of the glass fiber ends ensures damage-free handling of the fiber in its most vulnerable state. The terminations are loaded with precise amounts of epoxy and installed onto the fiber ends with precision that is unobtainable with manual assembly methods. kSARIA’s process effectively eliminates common reliability issues found in the manual process such as epoxy voids, improper fiber insertion, and poor epoxy bond strength. Fiber optic cables manufactured on these automated workstations are more robust and are optimized for performing in harsh operating conditions –reducing the chances of infield system failure.

Once assembled, the fiber optic cable is transferred to the Epoxy Cure Workstation for thermal setting of the cable assembly. This machine controls and monitoris multi-step temperature cure profiles needed for harsh environment performance. A computer controlled tracking system logs the entire process ensuring all terminations are properly cured to mitigate the chance for optical system degradation or failure at extreme operating temperatures.

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