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What is Orthopaedics? Orthopaedics is the treatment of injuries and problems with the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system is what gives us the ability to move using our bones, joints, muscles, tendons and other connective tissue. When we have a problem with our musculoskeletal system like a broken bone, arthritis, a bad back, an orthopaedic specialist can help reduce pain and improve our motion. And when you need orthopaedics, Shasta Orthopaedics offers the largest, most qualified team in the North State.

Did you know there are 27 bones in your hand? If you have hand or wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis, you should know that Shasta Orthopaedics has the only Fellowship-trained hand specialist in the North State. Dr. Stephen Ferraro has the special expertise to care all 27 bones in your hand - and everything that can go wrong with them. Plus, ShastaOrtho Physical Therapy includes hand specialist Michael Kirk, offering complete care for your hand and wrist problems.

It is estimated that 90% of us will experience some sort of back pain in our lives. That’s why Shasta Orthopaedics established the ShastaOrtho Spine Institute to provide a dedicated center focused helping those of you with back problems. We take a complete approach that offers a full range of both non-surgical and surgical options.

Did you know some of the pioneers of orthopaedic medicine are located right here in Redding? In 2003, Shasta Orthopaedics surgeons were the first in the United States to combine computer-assisted surgery in minimally invasive total knee replacement procedure. This is just one of the many techniques Shasta Orthhopaedics has helped pioneer through the years.

To learn more about Shasta Orthopaedics, visit

Shasta Orthopaedics provides sports medicine support the athletic teams of both Simpson University and Shasta College. We also provide sports medicine support to area high schools. If you know a young athlete or are a coach or trainer, visit for information on our Sports Camps designed to improve performance and prevent injury.

If you are an athlete or parent of an athlete, here’s a number to remember: two-four-doctor-sports. That’s two. Four. D. R. Sports. That’s the ShastaOrtho Sports Injury Hotline. If you or someone you know gets a sports injury, call two-four-doctor-sports any time, any day of the week and we’ll help you get prompt, effective care. The ShastaOrtho Sports Injury Hotline. two-four-doctor-sports. That’s two. Four. D. R. Sports.

Did you know Shasta Orthopaedics is the largest, most qualified orthopaedic team in the North State. Our team of more than 20 orthopaedic specialists includes physicians, physician assistants, physical therapists and athletic trainers, each bringing their own special expertise and talent to the team. When you see one our providers, you’re getting the collaborative expertise of our entire team.

To learn more about Shasta Orthopaedics, visit

What is minimally invasive surgery? When you have knee or hip replacement, or have surgery on your shoulder, hand or anywhere else, it's necessary to make an incision to fix what's broken. The smaller the opening, the faster you can you heal When appropriate minimally invasive surgeries can offer benefits to the patient. Shasta Orthopaedics has been a pioneer in a number of the minimally invasive techniques that are practiced by many physicians across the country today. If you have questions about minimally invasive surgery, ask Shasta Orthopaedics.

What is computer-guided surgery? Modern computer programs can help physicians in surgery to better align bones and more accurately perform intricate techniques. Shasta Orthopaedics has been a pioneer in developing computer-guided techniques that are practiced by many physicians across the country today. If you have questions about computer-guided surgery, ask Shasta Orthopaedics.

To learn more about Shasta Orthopaedics, visit

Do you have pain in your knees, hip, or shoulder? Dr. Paul Schwartz founded Shasta Orthopaedics in 1993 and has helped grow the practice to offer a complete team approach to caring for your orthopaedic needs. Dr. Schwartz focuses on Sports Medicine, shoulder, knee, and hip care. If you're an athlete or parent of an athlete, you should know Dr. Schwartz coaches the Shasta High School Snowboard Team and is the team physician for Simpson College. He is also an active member of the Shasta County Search and Rescue motorcycle posse.

Dr. John Lange's constant pursuit of excellence in orthopaedics has included research and specialty training in minimally invasive surgical techniques that help speed recovery. Dr. Lange was also involved in the early development of computer assisted orthopaedic surgery systems which are now widely used. He joined Shasta Orthopaedics in 1994. Dr. Lange provides a range of orthopaedic care including injuries and problem with the pelvis, hip, knee, shoulder, foot and ankle.

When you see Dr. Tom Daniel, you're receiving the same quality care US troops received in Desert Storm. From 1990 through 1991 he served in Operation Desert Storm with the Navy as the Surgical Director of the 'Delta Dogs,' a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. Dr. Thomas Daniel joined Shasta Orthopaedics in 1996. He has advanced training in Trauma Life Support. Dr. Daniel's expertise includes orthopaedic care of hip, knee, shoulder sports, and traumatic injuries.

To learn more about Shasta Orthopaedics, visit

If you ever have an injury or problem with your hand or wrist, you'll want to consider Dr. Stephen Ferraro. Dr. Ferraro is the North State's only Fellowship-trained hand specialist. He can help with hand problems caused by injury, arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, just to name a few. Dr. Ferraro joined Shasta Orthopaedics in 1997.

Anyone suffering from back or neck problems should know Dr. Bradley Jones and the ShastaOrtho Spine Institute. Dr. Jones joined Shasta Orthopaedics in 2004 and is the Medical Director of the ShastaOrtho Spine Institute, specializing in the range of disorders and injuries affecting the back and neck. Dr. Jones works with the complete Spine Institute team to offer both surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

If you have sports injury - or need general orthopaedic care - Dr. David Schillen brings the experience of having treated some of the most recognized teams in the country. Dr. Schillen joined Shasta Orthopaedics in 2006. Previously he was the team physician for the NCAA Division One athletic programs of the US Air Force Academy. He has worked with the University of Texas at San Antonio, the University of New Mexico, and the United States Snowboard and Men's Alpine Ski Teams. Dr. Schillen served four years in the military as a flight surgeon and an orthopaedic surgeon, including four months in Iraq on a mobile forward surgical team.

To learn more about Shasta Orthopaedics, visit

You may not know what a Physiatrist is, but having a Physiatrist on our team makes a big difference in the care you receive at Shasta Orthopaedics. Dr. Farzad Sabet joined Shasta Orthopaedics in 2006. As a physiatrist, Dr. Sabet adds a special component to both Shasta Orthopaedics and our dedicated ShastaOrtho Spine Institute. Physiatrists specialize in understanding the muscles and bones of the body and how to best treat patients. Dr. Sabet evaluates causes of pain which frequently can occur areas other than where the actual problem is located. Dr. Sabet then works with other members of our team to offer a variety of non-surgical and surgical options.

As one of 8 children, Dr. Shawn Brubaker is right at home working with the 9 physicians of Shasta Orthopaedics. Dr. Shawn Brubaker joined Shasta Orthopaedics in 2007. If you need a knee or hip replacement, or have other joint-related problems, Dr. Brubaker offers the most current surgical techniques while being supported by the entire team at Shasta Orthopaedics. Dr. Brubaker's experience includes work with national and world leaders in the field of joint replacement. As a Fellow at the University of Virginia, he gained significant experience in treating failed total joint replacements. Dr. Brubaker is also experienced with minimally invasive hip and knee total joint replacement as well as computer assisted surgery for precision positioning of implants in the bone.

If you need an outpatient procedure, consider Apogee Outpatient Surgery Center. Apogee is convenient, located next door to Shasta Orthopaedics' Redding medical office on West Street. Apogee is focused on procedures that include orthopaedic; pain management; and ear, nose, and throat surgery. Our staff are experts in these services performing more than 3,300 cases per year. Apogee is easy to get in and out of and you'll be home recuperating the same day. If you need an outpatient procedure, ask your doctor about Apogee Outpatient Surgery Center.

Here is PT copy:
Physical therapy is an essential part of treating orthopaedic problems. Proper physical therapy helps patients recover faster, improves range of motion, can prevent re-injury, and helps you achieve the full benefit of any surgery or other care you have received.

Because physical therapy is so important, Shasta Orthopaedics established our own Physical Therapy department, ShastaOrtho Physical Therapy. This enables our physicians to work very closely with our Physical Therapists to improve your treatment. Our Physical Therapists have greater insight into the procedure that was done which helps them better determine the treatment regimen that will give the optimal result. Our Physical Therapists also have easy access to our physicians should a question arise. If you have had orthopaedic care, remember: Physical Therapy is an essential part of your treatment, AND there is a difference at ShastaOrtho Physical Therapy.

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