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Job # 16188 E-learning course

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Oct 20, 2009 @ 13:00
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Oct 23, 2009
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English (North American)
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Young Adult

Job Description

Talent: Please audition for the “Donald” role only—(Joe- already cast)

Please read 5 to 7 of the “Donald” lines of your choosing for the audition.
Please slate your name and the type of mic and pre-amp you use.

Keep in mind that this is a dialogue script so keep your delivery as though you are talking with 2 other people in the program. Everything will be assembly line edited in post production.

There are approximately 23 “Donald” lines in the entire e-learning course.

There may be one or two more in the final script but this is basically the whole course

Please provide a quote for 1 master Voice file with the 23 or so lines slated and recorded and posted to server or web cargo type of delivery

This an insurance industry (AAA) script so often times there will be 1 or two re-writes for legal reasons –please provide a cost estimate for re recoding 1 or 2 pick-up lines if needed.

Slate like this… Whisper “Line #__” and then read the line…
Then whisper again “line #______then read that line…
Then whisper again “line #______then read that line and so on and so on…

(This is how the job will need the job recorded to make editing easier)

Joe: Great. It would seem at this time that you're interested in life insurance. Is that right?

#1Donald: Yes

Joe: As you can see, we start by asking for some basic information, like your full name and age. Then we’ll take a look at your cash needs at death including final expenses, your mortgage amount.

#2Donald: So this tells us how much money we’d need if one of us dies.

Joe: Next, we’ll list your assets.

#3Donald: That won’t be hard to do…we’ve put just about all of our money into buying this home.

Joe: I understand. After that, we’ll calculate the amount of insurance needed to reach your goals.

#4Donald: Joe, are you saying that that amount could be more or less than the amount of our mortgage, and different for each of us.

Joe: Before we begin completing the Life Insurance Needs Analysis, do you have any questions about it?

#5Donald: Not really. It seems pretty straight forward. Let’s get started.

#6Donald: Yes. It’s more than I expected, but it does make sense. I just hope we can afford that much.

#7Donald: I’m sorry to tell you this, Joe, but right now, as little as possible.

Joe: Then it sounds like our term insurance product would be best for you. Let’s take a look at it.

#8Donald: Joe, you may have to walk slowly through this part of the conversation. I’m not sure that Daisy and I really understand the different types of term insurance.

#9Donald: Our first decision, then, is to decide the term period. Right?

Joe: Yes. How do you feel about that?

#10Donald: It seems like we should choose a 30 year period—the length of our mortgage. But, does the term period affect the premium?

#11Donald: What if we chose the 20-year term, and want to continue the policy beyond 20 years?

Joe: Yes

#12Donald: Are you telling me that even if I became really sick, I could continue the policy, and I won’t get canceled or have to pay extra because of bad health?

Joe: Yes

#13Donald: And it costs extra, right?

Joe: Yes. Let me show you the riders available on this policy.

#14Donald: What about this Additional Insured Rider?

Joe: The Additional Insured Rider allows you to write one policy with the spouse as a rider on the policy.

#15Donald: How does that work, and what’s the benefit?

#16Donald: This is interesting, but we’re really trying to keep the cost down right now. Could we add the coverage later?

Joe: Okay, then, we’ve discussed all the policy features and riders. Do either of you have any questions?

#17Donald: No, I think we’re pretty comfortable with what you’ve shown us so far.

#18Donald: Thanks, we appreciate you taking the time to help us understand all of this.

#19Donald: I agree with Daisy. It’s more than I was expecting. Does this price include the riders we discussed?

#20Donald: And how much are those?

#Donald: So the riders are more than half the cost of the basic coverage?

#21Donald: We’d like to start with monthly. But, could we change in the future?

#22Donald: Hold on. I’m not sure we’re ready to make a commitment right now. We’d like to think about it.

#23Donald: No, it still makes sense to me. Now I remember why we chose the amounts we did. Thanks for reviewing it.


Note from Voices.com: It is recommended that you protect all your audition work by watermarking the submission or only recording a portion of the script provided by the client.  This will render your audition file useless for anything other than reviewing your voice. Not sure what watermarking is?  Please visit our FAQ section for more information.

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