Young man for dubbing of swedish documentary Job # 16324

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Job # 16324 Young man for dubbing of swedish documentary

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Oct 27, 2009 @ 13:13
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Oct 29, 2009
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Young Adult

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I'm looking for a young male with intellectual attitude to do dubbing of a part of a swedish documentary

The reading is 5 min long and requires some theatrical skills. The speaker needs to give the feeling of someone being interviewed. I provide the whole script so you can get the idea who this person is but for test readings I only want you to read three or four paragraphs.

To do the reading it is necessary that you see the original version on link as below. The person part that the reading is for starts at 1.40;

All the best!



I can’t sleep at night, I’m a night owl. I sit and watch TV or write or do whatever you know. Or just wander the streets.’

There’s a different vibe at night, it’s totally… I’m kind of unsociable, I’m not that good with crowds. During a sunny day here for example I’d be stressed out by all the goddamn people. These people are watching you all the time, it stresses me out.

I probably sound like some kind of freak who seek refuge in the night, but it’s not like that. I mean, I go to work like everybody else.

The night is a time for reflection and evaluation.

”Okay, so that’s that day, have I made the most of it?
-Yeah pretty good, what do we do tomorrow?
-Okay, let’s do that! Roll call.” That’s the night.

The most fun by far is ”kalle heart Lotta”, its like the most basic thing to just say something that you think or say something funny or whatever. The best thing in this world might just be toilet scribble, you know what I mean.

I think that what Folke is, is a way of maximizing the effect and minimizing the effort of such scribble. That is the definition of the Folke-phenomenon. It’s stickers with text that you can attach anywhere and just post stuff like ”Kalle loves Lisa”.

It’s a hell of a lot of fun to scribble, just writing stuff on the wall for others to read. I love it

I’m a Stockholm-dude that works in an office you know, it really doesn’t have to be more than ”Okay, there’s a sticker, what does it say?” and then BANG! What do you feel?  It’s as simple as possible, it’s black on white, a simple, basic font and no funny business at all. Simple as hell. Reduced to something minimalistic so to speak, if you want get techy...

There’s a hell of a lot of cool people in Stockholm. The thing about Stockholm is that Stockholm is a market place that has attracted herds of small town nobodies. Nobodies who are trying to forget where they came from and that they used to be some bullied 17-year old from Smallville. And then they go here just to try and become something that they never were at home.  And then they become this cool, tough guy or girl and the city fills up with all these stuck-up people who are acting cool all the time. Stop acting!

There’s an incredible toughness in this city, it really comes as no surprise that we have the most singles per capita in the world. People are so tough that they can’t even fuck each other. They’re too cool for that, they have too nice jobs to degrade themselves that way you know.

Sleeping cities, freezing subway to a fucking city. No wonder peoples hearts are turned to ice. ”Okay I’m glad you’re doing well. But you can sit in you’re fucking apartment in suburbia and be on Facebook!”

In a way my entire life is Stockholm. I love this city. I really do and everyday I see people that make me genuinely happy. But i still think about getting the hell out of here.

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