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Job # 1644 Freescale - Scottish Accent

Posted Date
Jun 12, 2006 @ 19:33
Respond By
Jun 30, 2006
Word Count
English (British)
Age Range

Job Description

We need authentically accented voices for 2 minute clips for an online learning course.

Final script will be available when the job is awarded.

FTP available, or other file upload.

Audio Technical Specifications

o The naming of files is critical.

o If the script has named a clip as Aa010, the file must be returned as Aa010.wav.

o Case is important. If the clip is named Aa010 and the returned file saved as aa010.wav, it will not work in the course.

o Spacing is important. If a clip is named Aa010-01, please do not name as Aa010 – 01.wav.

o 44 khz

o Bit rate 705 kbps

o Audio sample size 16 bit

o Stereo

o CD quality

o WAV format

o Editing must be tight – no leader. Clip should start at the first word and end after the last. Projects that require anything other than this will be flagged in the job posting.

o Slating can be done for raw reference, but all slating “Aa010…In this course, you will learn to…” should be trimmed to omit the slate, “In this course, you will learn to…”

o Example files are available from NL for level checks, if needed.

Note, in your recording, we'll need all parts read for accurately timed merge with other voice talents.

(For these scenarios, we are looking for Kenneth).

Sample Clips follow:

VJ Gupta: So, if we complete the expansion on schedule, we should be up and running by the second quarter of 2007, which will increase our assembly capacity by approximately 50%.

Kenneth: And by structuring all future assembly in Malaysia… I mean, this is exactly the type of low cost opportunity we’ve been searching for.

VJ Gupta: Absolutely. Each of these assembly areas will be low cost and will help us achieve our ongoing initiative to increase gross margin. We don’t have exact numbers yet, do we, Lucy?

Lucy: Um… No. No, we don’t, but our manufacturing costs will be considerably smaller.

Narrator: As the meeting continues, VJ notices that Lucy isn’t giving much feedback and seems uncharacteristically withdrawn. After the meeting, he pulls her aside to ask if something is bothering her.

Lucy: I just… I don’t know that the term ‘low cost’ is really appropriate.

VJ Gupta: It’s a fairly commonly used term.

Lucy: Maybe when you’re talking about materials, but we’re also talking about people here. I don’t think my teams should be referred to that way.

(CLIP 2)

Kenneth: Hey, Michelle. It’s Kenneth.

Michelle: Hey, Kenneth. What’s up?

Kenneth: Do you know any engineers in Malaysia assigned to 6 inch wafer production? I’m trying to get some of our guys and their guys together to figure out how we can increase our yield to 92% by the end of the quarter.

Michelle: I’ve only dealt with VJ Gupta and Hakim Ibrahim.

Kenneth: Yeah, I’ve already contacted them.

Michelle: I know a woman over there in assembly, Lucy Rani. She might be able to give you a couple names of engineers as well as assemblers.

Kenneth: Thanks, but I’m not looking to include any assemblers on the team.

Michelle: Really? It might be useful to include at least a couple of them.

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