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Job # 1652 Sales Presentation

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Jun 7, 2006 @ 16:26
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Jun 14, 2006
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We are looking for a voice over for our website. The following script is 431 words in length and should have a running time of approximately 3 minutes.


Increase Sales
The Whistler mission
To increase our advertisers customer base and sales revenue.

Brag statement
In the last 10 years Whistler Outdoor Advertising has maintained 79% of its advertisers

Why Outdoor?
Reach the masses
Outdoor Advertising is known for its ability to reach the masses.

Why Outdoor?
Intrusive Advertising
When executed in a bold manner, outdoor advertising intrusively reaches the masses.

Why Outdoor?
Build Your Brand
Billboards build mass brand awareness on targeted traffic patterns.

Why Outdoor?
Direct Traffic
Billboards direct traffic to websites, telephones, and places of business.

Why Outdoor?
Influence Consumers
Billboards are often the last advertising a motorist sees before arriving at the point of purchase.

Why Whistler?
Premier Locations
Through the exclusive development of billboards on premier real estate
Reach more motorists with premier locations

Why Whistler?
Premier locations
Instead of self serving initiatives of filing inferior billboard vacancies.
How many motorists will you reach?

Why Whistler?
Superior Technology
Motion commands motorists attention
Human nature leaves motorists in anticipation of the next message.
Increased attention and market awareness equals increased sales

Why Whistler?
Superior Displays
Maximize your ads results. Think outside the box. Make your design Stand Out!

Why Whistler?
Design Success Formula
In the last 10 years, Whistler Outdoor has maintained 79% of its advertisers

Why Whistler?
Design Success Formula
Ironically, the 21% we lost had all strayed from our design success formula.

Why Whistler?
Individualized Customer Service
Locally owned and operated, Whistler outdoors optimum size allows us to provide individualized and immediate customer service.

Why Whistler?
Identify marketing objectives
Seek first to understand, only then to be understood.

Why Whistler?
Identify Marketing Objectives
In order to help our clients achieve increased customer base and sales revenue, we must first identify their marketing objectives.

Customer Procurement
Competitive Positioning
Unique sales propositions
Margins for return on investment

Why Whistler?
Great Return On Investment
Our most sophisticated advertisers realize that billboard advertising is an investment with a measurable return.

How do you measure ROI?
Point of Purchase Surveys

How do you measure ROI?
Return on investment can be measured by surveying the client at the point of purchase in order to track where every prospect and sale originate.

How do you measure ROI?
Revenue comparisons

How do you measure ROI?
Return investment can be measured by comparing sales revenue before and after implementing billboard advertising

How do you measure your ROI?
Billboard investment $50 a day $1500 month

How do you measure your ROI?
2 motorists per night at $125 per night equals $250 per night

How do you measure your ROI?
500% Return on investment

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