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Job # 1667 CD Radio Publisher Introduction

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Jun 10, 2006 @ 18:01
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Jun 19, 2006
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Radio Publisher™ provides resources for audio and video transmission and diffusion of sound and image content for radio with television support.

The script is approximately 575 words.


Welcome to Radio Publisher, the publisher and distributor of distinguished programs for commercial and low-power public radio broadcasters.

This CD contains all of the information to either become a receiver of radio programs or become a Program Developer, or both. This audio presentation will introduce you to the range of possibilities for enhancing a radio station as well as income possibilities for both a commercial radio station as well as a Program Developer.

The programming resources are grouped by Channel Topics, allowing both the producer as well as the receiver of programs to focus on the information needed. It also makes it easier for the program manager of a station to decide what program features best match the listening audience. Both the identification of a program, as well as the program log for any day, is better arranged by the program manager of a radio station. It allows for the addition of audio streaming technology, as needed, to accommodate the increased interest in any particular program channel.

Only a few of the channels are assigned to be received by both the radio broadcaster as well as the general public. The activation of the public access is a future design. Decisions will be based upon the interest and input from the participating radio broadcasters. In fact, Radio Publisher is centered on the service to radio broadcasters with the objective to expand services to meet future demands for broadcast content.

Radio broadcasters may also provide radio show programs. They may become a Program Developer, including the support of other resources that deliver audio content for usage within their program. The show developer may also sell their own advertising associated with the program produced and obtain a future income stream from the running of the program.

Because low-power community radio stations do not have advertising, a special channel is set aside for programming for their usage. The developers of any radio program, however, may state their development resource, and in turn, provide that degree of public recognition for a radio station, business, or organization that happens to be a Program Developer. Please note that to be a Program Developer, it also requires the availability to send the completed sound file to an assigned folder on a website server that has a dedicated IP address. If you do not have that ability, or your web hosting source can not provide a dedicated IP address, then you may want to join with a Program Developer to provide sound files and other support resources to that Program Developer to be combined with the new developing program. Individuals that have quality voiceover and production skills in audio may also want to launch their own radio program for added income.

You will need a key to access some of the more advanced sections on this CD. Depending upon your interest and our communications and willing to become a part of this global communication network, the appropriate key will be sent to you by e-mail. This will allow you access to the expanded information about the processes involved for your area of interest, including agreements and understandings.

Spend some time exploring the different broadcasting resources to determine the area that best represents your interest and let us communicate more so you are able to advance to the next stage of our broadcasting relationship. Please contact us from the resources presented on this CD and we look forward to working with you in the future.

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