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Job # 1672 TeshVerse Male Character Voicing

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Jun 12, 2006 @ 17:31
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Aug 31, 2006
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TeshVerse Comics is the comic book publishing company founded by former Marvel Comics character designer Tesh Fox and artist Jennifer Tunsteng. They are rooted in the south Georgia and upper/central Florida area, and have brought the area such characters as Teshy T. Foxboy, The Incredible Thud, and The Running Man.

This script is for the villain Vic Archer, who even at the young age of 26, is already a hardened military veteran, with conflict and witnessing the brutal death of his master and adoptive father rendering him into a state of shellshock and giving him a strict no-nosense attitude; a striking contrast to his almost cartoony, costumed persona before he entered service.

This scene involves him catching up to those responsible for the death of his adoptive father years after the incident, with intentions of eliminating all of them.


"I ditched my cartoonish Thunderbolt persona and went AWOL, vanishing into this very jungle to wrestle with the death of the Sting. Someone who was my sensei, mentor, and, most importantly, like a father to me. I coped with shellshock and witnessing his bloody death quite..interestingly by living the serene, peaceful life of a survivalist in the vast jungle, but that mission given to me before I vanished on the military meant more to me than just one of their ploys to use me to get rid of a nuisance. That mission..Operation: Fox Eraser. To terminate the foxboy and all of his associates. Everyone involved with the death of the Sting.

You're the Running Man, aren't you? I remember the commander mentioning you in his briefing. You failed to kill Teshy T. Foxboy, even with your hypersonic speed and that nerve gas chamber we gave you. Ha! I was more than able to best him and cut his throat, then kick his carcass down into the ravine. And for good measure, I topped it off with a neutron grenade. So, Running Man, or should I call you by your real name, Val Duran? I can see your friend in the distance coming this way. I apologize for being so long-winded, so I'll just break your neck and be on my way."

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