Freescale - Latino Accent Job # 1675

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Job # 1675 Freescale - Latino Accent

Posted Date
Jun 12, 2006 @ 19:48
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Jun 30, 2006
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Job Description

We need authentically accented voices for 2 minute clips for an online learning course.

Final script will be available when the job is awarded.

FTP available, or other file upload.

Audio Technical Specifications

o The naming of files is critical.

o If the script has named a clip as Aa010, the file must be returned as Aa010.wav.

o Case is important. If the clip is named Aa010 and the returned file saved as aa010.wav, it will not work in the course.

o Spacing is important. If a clip is named Aa010-01, please do not name as Aa010 – 01.wav.

o 44 khz

o Bit rate 705 kbps

o Audio sample size 16 bit

o Stereo

o CD quality

o WAV format

o Editing must be tight – no leader. Clip should start at the first word and end after the last. Projects that require anything other than this will be flagged in the job posting.

o Slating can be done for raw reference, but all slating “Aa010…In this course, you will learn to…” should be trimmed to omit the slate, “In this course, you will learn to…”

o Example files are available from NL for level checks, if needed.

Note, in your recording, we'll need all parts read for accurately timed merge with other voice talents.

(For these scenarios, we are looking for Dante).

Sample clips follow:

Dante: Vicky, I’m glad you’re on board with this project. I can really use your help.

Vicky: (Flustered) Yeah…sure. I’m uh…glad to be of assistance. It’s been pretty busy around here lately. I know I’ve been working non-stop, and it’s…

Dante: (Interrupts Vicky) Great. I’m really going to need your help with these presentations. Let’s get started. We shouldn’t have to stay too late tonight. I’m sure you don’t mind.

Vicky: (dismayed) Well, OK.

(CLIP 2)

Dante: Wow, this is really coming together well. What do the two of you think about utilizing the third data table in section B?

Kelly: It seems like it’d be a good fit and would really bolster our findings.

Dante: I think you’re right, Kelly. Let’s transfer that over immediately.

Kelly: I’d like to go over the data in section C one more time. I know the data in that section is Vicky’s specialty.


Kelly: Well, maybe we can discuss it later.

Dante: Sounds good. I have a few reports of my own to finish up.

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