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Jun 15, 2006 @ 23:02
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Jun 16, 2006
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Rothschild Farms Tour- We are making a video tour to be placed on DVD to be distributed to customers. The current distribution is estimated at 200 - 300 DVDs.

Word count: approximately 950.

Here is a copy of the script.

In 1976, Bob & Sara Rothschild moved their family from Palo Alto, California to Urbana, Ohio to start their own family business and to live off the land. They found a 170-acre farm on which to start their dream - let us share that dream with you today.

The original farm purchased by the Rothschilds in the late 1970s will later serve as the site for their home and business.

Bob and Sara begin their dream - growing raspberries.

After several failed attempts at raspberry growing, Bob and Sara finally had a bountiful crop! Our first raspberry stands, pictured here, served as the roadside market for the new Rothschild business.

So, as the raspberries grew, so did the Rothschild family and home.

With the success of the raspberries came an opportunity in the young and developing gourmet food industry. Bob took some of our first products, like Raspberry Vinegar and Raspberry Preserves, to the New York Fancy Food Show in 1984.

This was the jump start to a new venture for the Rothschilds. They were now starting to build an enterprise of gourmet food manufacturing.
These pictures reflect some of our first products.

With years of continuous innovation in product development and industry success, the Rothschilds found the need to expand - with the addition of a new warehouse in 1993, a retail and market café in 1998,
and a new storage facility in 2000.

As many of you know, beginning in 1982, we have celebrated our seasonal raspberry harvest with an annual Raspberry Festival every September.

In 2001, Bob passed the jar of leadership of the company to Mary O'Donnell. Mary still serves as President and CEO today.

Under Mary's leadership, Robert Rothschild Farm has continued its fruitful history winning numerous industry awards and growing the gourmet food line to new heights.

In 2004, the company opened its second retail store at the Tuttle Mall in Dublin, Ohio. And, of course, one of the reasons for our success is our employees - together we work hard, play hard and enjoy life!

Today, our gourmet food line is considered one of the premier lines in the specialty food industry. With more than 120 products sold to over 5,000 stores across the country, we are proud to be a part of your special occasions and meals. So how does it all start? How do these gourmet products come about? Let's go see.

The entire process begins with our New Product Development Team brainstorming on ingredients and different flavor combinations for a new product. This team gets their ideas from food and ingredient trends, popular dishes as well as new taste combinations. Once a recipe is under consideration, it is then made and tested by the team - in fact they can go through this process numerous times before the product is final and approved.

The New Product Development Team does not sleep unless the product features a bold and clean flavor profile - and more importantly, you are proud to serve it at your table. After the new recipe is approved, we will run several test batches before it is time to take the product to final production.

Now off to the production facility! Did you know we bring in over 364,000 pounds of fruit, over 66,000 pounds of vegetables and over 5.2 million glass jars a year? All these items come together as we run our daily production.
Every morning, the product scheduled to be made on that particular day is first combined and cooked in one of our 275 gallon kettles.

We take great pride and extreme caution to make sure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and food safety. This equates to continuous testing and sampling of each batch produced.

Once the product has been cooked and QC checked, empty jars are placed by hand on the infeed table.

They make their first stop at the six head filler, where each jar is filled to capacity and then continues down the conveyor. Using this process, we are able to produce on average 30,000 jars a day with one shift per line.

The jars then pass under the capper, where a lid is placed and tightened onto each jar. The jars next travel through our Wash-Cool-Dry System. First, hot water ranging between 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit is run over the entire lid and jar surface. This helps sterilize the lid, draw a vacuum for the product and clean the overall jar.

Cool water is then run over the jar before the large blower at the end dries the jar completely, preparing the jar for its next stop.
The jars then pass by the date coder, where the best by date is printed on the side of the lid. This best by date helps you, the consumer, know when the product is at its best.

Next stop - labels are applied to each jar, essentially giving it the Robert Rothschild Farm stamp of approval.
The jars then travel to their final stop on the line where they are hand inspected and hand packed by our production team.
Once a pallet is full of product, it is then taken to our warehouse. From here, we ship out all orders to our wholesale customers as well as our numerous retail customers across the nation.
Orders are first hand picked, double checked,
and then packed and delicately prepared for shipment. Did you know that we ship out over 30,000 orders a year? That's more than 70,000 boxes filled with our gourmet products, travelling across the nation.

Out the door they go, to our 5,000 plus customers - specialty food stores, gift shoppes and hi-end groceries. There, gourmet food lovers around the country, like you, can find the Robert Rothschild Farm products they have come to love!

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