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Job # 17187 Santa voice for Christmas game for the blind

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Dec 7, 2009 @ 18:10
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Dec 9, 2009
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I am looking for an actor to play Santa in a Christmas game for the blind, called Kringle Crash. I need full buyout rights for this recording, and my max budget for Santa's recordings is 100 USD. The entire script is below, however there are also a few grunts and screams that will be heard during actual game play that need to be recorded. These should not take more than two or three minutes to record, however.

It would be very preferable if we could do the recording while on Skype, as I would then be able to monitor and direct the session.

Kringle Crash - Game Script

Introduction Sequence:

"It is Christmas eve. Santa's elves have been working tirelessly all year to get everything ready for the big event, and they are just putting the finishing touches on everything. Or, are they?"

Santa (cheery and happy to begin with, his voice booming out to the elves in the workshop):
"Now now my dear helpers, sweat and toil; that's the spirit, only one hour left... (Turning towards an elf) Wait there Olric, be careful with that hammer or some poor unfortunate child will be very unhappy! (To all the elves) Hurry up now all of you, we're running out of time! (Angrily to another elf) Borgot! How dare you eat those! They are for a little girl who'll be without Christmas candy now! You will leave my employment at once, go and work for the Easter bunny; that'll teach you. (Continuing to the other elves) Come on! I have to go out and load the last ones on to the sleigh! Get those gifts ready as soon as you..."

He is interrupted by the sound of a machine gun.

Borgot (letting out a scream of fury, and then shouting to all the other elves):
"The Easter bunny! Did you hear that? The Easter bunny! That's the last straw! I have been working here for 276 years... (Growling under his breath) The Easter bunny! (Continuing to scream) Listen y'all, we should not stand for this any longer! Old fatso here is an easy match, let's take him, and let's destroy these blasted gifts!"

All the elves start screaming and running out of the workshop towards the sleigh where most of the packets are loaded.

Santa (equally angry, making himself heard over the tumult):
"Oh no you jolly well won't! I'll show you that there's still some fight in the old man... This is war!"

Losing Sequence:

An alarm goes off as the reindeers take off with the sleigh, without Santa.

Borgot (laughing triumphantly):
"Ha ha ha! We got him lads! Yay!"

The elves run away cheering and clapping, leaving Santa alone in the snow.

Santa (panting and disappointed):
"Oh, no... I suppose I'll have to work out a little more if I am to take 'em on again next year. (Determined) Let's start with some sit ups! (Effort as he goes up and down, stopping suddenly as his pants rip) Oh, blast... (Muttering) Isn't that just perfect, now I'll have to get Mrs. Claus's sewing kit out..."

Winning Sequence:

Santa (laughing joyfully at the defeated elves):
"Ha ha ha ha! That's what you get! Now stop wasting my time; I have a few million miles to travel tonight. (Effort as he gets up on his sleigh and begins flying away, and calling down from high up in the air) Borgot! I'll give your C.V. to the Easter bunny! (Laughs heartily and disappears) Merry Christmas!


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