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Job # 17296 Bottled Up - Romance

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Dec 11, 2009 @ 06:46
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Dec 16, 2009
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English (North American)
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Young Adult

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Gay Romance novel required to be read for an audio book. It is approximately 200 pages. Please supply a reading of the sample text below. Quotes need to include editing of pauses, errors etc. If the reading goes well, the successful reader will also be required to read the sequel. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
Toni Pallent

Bobby smiled and started to head upstairs before turning around
and giving Sean a hug. “Good night.” Sean smiled as he hugged the
teenager back, and then Bobby let go and disappeared upstairs.
Sean turned off the television and gently woke Katie. “Thank you
for staying with Bobby.”
She yawned and opened her eyes. “No problem,” she said, and
started to pull on her coat. “He’s a great kid.”
“That he is.”
She hugged him. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“No. You’re off tomorrow, remember?” He opened the door for
“Yeah. Thanks. I’ll see you Tuesday.” She quickly disappeared
down the walk and he made a note to get her something as a thank-you
from him and Bobby. He was just about to go upstairs when the phone
“Hello.” He was afraid it was the alarm company for the store.
“Sean, it’s your mother.”
“Hi, Mom.” He checked his watch; it was almost midnight. “Is
something wrong?”
“No, dear. I’m sorry to call so late, but it seems like the only time
I can catch you. You’re always so busy since you opened the store.”
She wasn’t nagging or complaining, just stating a fact that Sean knew
as well.
“Well, that’s a relief.”
“Have you been doing okay? Not working too hard, I hope.”
“Everything’s fine. Actually, more than fine. I dumped Ted.” He
was about to go on, but his mother cut him off with a laugh. At least
she didn’t say “I told you so.” “And,” Sean cut off her expression of
glee, “I met someone new. His name’s Sam and he’s a police officer.”
“Wonderful, honey. Can you bring him up for dinner so we can
meet him?”
“I’m not sure what his schedule is, but I’ll ask him when I see
him.” He stopped, not quite sure how to bring up the next subject.
“There’s one more thing.”
“What is it? You sound so serious.”
“It is serious. There’s someone else I’d like you to meet. His
name’s Bobby, he’s sixteen, and he’s living with me.” There was
silence on the other end of the phone. “Mom, are you there?”
“You’re dating two people and one is sixteen?” The shock was
hard to cover.
“No, Mom! Bobby’s mother abandoned him two years ago and
for the last six months he’s been living on the streets.” She stayed quiet,
so Sean continued. “To make a long story short, he was attacked behind
the store and I broke it up before his attacker could—”
He could almost hear the understanding dawn on her. “So you’re
foster-homing him.”
“Sort of, yes. I have an appointment with his caseworker this
week so I can make arrangements for him to stay with me permanently.
He’s a great kid and really talented. I can’t wait for you to meet him.”
He heard a sniffle on the other end of the phone. “Are you telling
me that you’re making me a grandmother?”
“Of a sort, yes.”
He could hear her blowing her nose. “Well, of course bring them
both up for dinner; we’d love to meet Bobby and this new man in your
life. I just hope he isn’t like the last one.”
“No, he’s wonderful and sweet, and he really seems to care about
me. I don’t want to jinx it, but I really like him.”
“I’m glad. You actually sound happier.”
“I feel it too.” He yawned softly. “I’ll call you later this week and
we can arrange to have dinner.”
“Okay, Sean. I love you.”
“Love you too, Mom. Good night.” Sean hung up the phone and
turned out the last of the lights before heading upstairs. Bobby’s light
was still on, so he peeked his head in.

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