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Job # 17297 Paranormal Romance Audiobook

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Dec 11, 2009 @ 07:04
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Dec 16, 2009
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English (North American)
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Young Adult

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Paranormal gay romance novel needs to be read for audiobook. Not explicit content - more like gay version of harlequin romance. Deeper voice would suit content. Quote must include editing of errors, ie. pauses, mistakes etc. Approximately 200 pages. If audio book is successful there is likely to be more audio books to read for this client. They are looking to pay around the $600 mark (exclusive of voices fee).
Please supply a reading of the sample content below.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Toni Pallent

Cutting across the orchard, Tristan had the feeling he was being watched. A flash of movement to his right caught his attention. Benjamin’s wolf watching to make sure he made it to the house? A shiver traveled up his spine as another movement flashed to his left. Even a wolf couldn’t move that fast — at least not one wolf. Spurred on by the same overwhelming fear that used to make him run up the basement steps as a boy, Tristan broke into a run.
Slightly out of breath, he arrived at the door to the kitchen to be greeted by a worried Mary. “Sir, I was just about to send the stable boys out to look for you.” She fluttered around him as she spoke, obviously examining him for injury. “It had gotten so late. Way past dark.”
“I’m okay, Mary. I just laid down under a tree for a nap and slept longer than I intended,” Tristan explained, adding the warm smile that always seemed to make the older woman glow.
The smile did its job, distracting the hovering cook. She quit fussing over him, stepping back with an indulgent look. “Well, I expect you’ll be starving. Lots of leftovers from dinner, with you being gone and Master Benjamin not eating but a couple of bites. Did you see him? He didn’t say for certain, but I got the impression that he was going to look for you.”
Tristan shot a nervous look over his shoulder into the dark night as he stepped into the warm kitchen. He wasn’t quite sure how to answer the motherly woman. How much of Benjamin’s secret did his staff know? Most of them seemed to have worked here forever and Tristan guessed that they were incredibly loyal, but he hated to do anything that would violate Benjamin’s trust.
Mary, picking up on Tristan’s conflict, patted him on the shoulder. “Did Benjamin’s wolf find you in the forest?” she asked matter-of-factly. “His senses are acute for a man, but he would have been able to track you faster as a wolf.”
Feeling a deep sense of satisfaction that Benjamin had so many wonderful people supporting him, Tristan reached out and hugged the older woman. She tut-tutted him, but gave him a firm squeeze in return. “See,” she announced, stepping back, “I could wrap my arms around you twice if I was so inclined. A boy as skinny as you shouldn’t go missin’ any meals. Now come on.”
Tristan followed meekly to the kitchen, secretly enjoying the mothering. He and Will had missed out on having a mother, losing theirs as early as they did. Gram had tried, but she had been fighting advanced degenerative arthritis and was not capable of many things, though her mind had been sharp as a tack. The thought of his twin sent a pang of longing through Tristan’s heart. He’d been missing Will’s presence in his mind and resolved to make an honest attempt at contact right after dinner. If he failed, he’d see if Conrad could help him make an international call.
Mary placed a steaming plate of New York strip steak, herb-garlic rice, and steamed vegetables in front of him. “I’ve got fresh apple and rhubarb pie for desert, but you have to eat every bite,” she cajoled him.
“That’s bribery!”
“No, that’s encouragement.” Mary grinned, clearing off the counters.
Tristan laughed. “Fine, I’ll eat every bite, but only if you come and sit with me. You make me tired just watching you. Don’t you ever just sit still?”
Mary dropped into the chair next to him, pulling a bag out of the corner to her lap, hesitating as she pulled out a skein of yarn and a round knitting needle. “Um…” She bit her lip. “No, I guess that Puritan work ethic of ‘idle hands’ really sunk in when I was a girl.”
In between bites of food, Tristan asked, “You were raised here?”
“Right here on the estate. My mum and grandmum both worked for the Sterlings.”
“Really?” Tristan was surprised. People didn’t stay in one place for multiple generations in this day and age. “Didn’t you ever want to go off and explore the world?”
“Oh goodness, no. Why? The senior Mr. Sterling did offer to send me off for school, but I’m happy here. Always have been.”
Tristan noticed that the cook didn’t even look down as her fingers worked the knitting needles. “Does the area have any legends? Superstitions?” A multi-generation native was always a good source for local information.
“You mean other than the one about werewolves living in the north forest?” Mary chuckled, her ample bosom jiggling.
Tristan joined her laughter. “Yeah, other than that one.”
“Well, there are several houses that claim to be the home of spirits, though most of them are bed-and-breakfasts and I suspect it is more a tourist attraction than the truth. There have been three tragic accidents in Spenser Holder’s field and he hasn’t had a successful crop in that field for years. He even tried just lettin’ it go back to nature. The weeds wouldn’t even grow. Other than that and the usual cemeteries that give people the willies, the haunted glen is the only thing that gives me a fright. Sumptin’ not natural ‘bout that place.” Mary shivered just talking about it.
Placing his fork on the side of his plate, Tristan gave the cook his full attention. “Tell me about the haunted glen. Has it always been haunted?”
Mary looked uncomfortable talking about it, but elaborated. “I guess so. It isn’t part of the estate, but it’s adjacent to it, right on the other side of the lake as you go into town. The woods curve around the north end of the lake and there is a stand of trees around a beautiful clearing. See, that in and of itself is strange. The trees around the edges of the clearing are all different but about the same height and age and nothing grows in the clearing except the grass. When I was a girl, my sister and I tried to plant some flowers because we thought the place was so pretty. They withered and died by the next day. It’s almost as if the soil is poisoned, but the grass and the trees seem to do fine.”

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