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Job # 17299 Romance - Margin - British Accent

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Dec 11, 2009 @ 08:14
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Dec 17, 2009
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English (British)
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Young Adult

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Reader required for a 90,000 word Gay Romance audio book. British accent required and book is based in Australia. Content is not explicit more like gay version of Harlequin books.
Please supply a sample reading of the below text. Quote must include editing of errors, pauses etc.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Toni Pallent

WINTER sun was a glorious thing, John had decided. It was a bright
cloudless day where all the colors seemed to be heightened by air that
was so cold it took your breath away only to return in puffs of white. It
had been an age since John had taken the time off to wander around a
Sunday market and he was enjoying himself. He moved from stall to
stall, picking up various items, noticing that David didn’t touch anything
and made sure to avoid eye contact with stallholders and shoppers alike.
After a while it became obvious to John that David was cold; his
arms were pressed tightly against his body and both hands were jammed
into his pockets. He looked tense and chilled. It made John realize that
this was the reality of winter for David and others like him: being bitterly
cold and not able to do anything about it.
They walked past a stall with a large assortment of coats and
jackets. John stopped and looked through a rack of sheepskin-lined
jackets. He held one up in front of David and said, “Here, try this on.”
David looked at him and shook his head.
“Come on, Dave. You’re cold and you need a coat.” John knew it
was difficult for David to accept “handouts”, but he couldn’t see why he
couldn’t buy him a coat.
“I’m okay,” he replied in a tone that clearly meant don’t push it.
John looked at him a little surprised but said, “All right. How about we
go and grab a drink in the café to warm us up.”
The café was full of people chatting excitedly and pulling bargains
out of plastic bags, but John managed to find them a small table in a back
corner. John sighed to himself. The day seemed to be a whole series of
small steps forward followed by missteps and setbacks. He passed David
a menu and said quietly, “I just wanted to buy you a coat because you
were cold.”
David stared down at the laminated menu; he wasn’t reading but needed somewhere to look other than at John while he collected his
thoughts. Finally he said in a soft but clear voice, “I know, John, and I do appreciate that you want to do these things for me, that you want to take care of me. It’s just….” He broke off and sat quietly for a while. John
could see the tension in his clenched jaw and when the waitress came
over he smiled and said, “Can you give us a few minutes, please?”
David waited until she left to continue. “I don’t know how to
explain the way I feel. How can someone who is willing to sell himself
in a public toilet have trouble accepting a handout?”
John sat and thought about what David had just said; Jamie had
kept trying to tell him that despite his situation David was a proud man.
He said he understood but still kept doing these things. Jamie was right again.
John took the menu from David and smiled. “Mind sharing a sandwich?”

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