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Jun 27, 2006 @ 05:19
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Creative Farm work with a talented team of designers and programmers to offer you a website not only functional and dynamic but also with a professional design tailored specially for your business needs.

We need a voiceover for a client presentation. The total time is no more than 15 min with a total word count of 937.

Before Guided Tour (133 words)

General Standard Group needed to improve it's hiring and new hire training practices. The company was experiencing a 25% agent turnover rate within the first two weeks of employment, and the new hire training process took too long at 5 weeks Even when new hires were deployed to the floor, their level of proficiency wasn’t up to expectations.

Karen Smith, a recruiter, spent most of her time early in the hiring process screening and interviewing against an ideal candidate profile. Not only did Karen waste a lot of time with unqualified candidates, but the turnover did not improve.

The company had also tried to improve training efficiency and effectiveness several times, but couldn’t seem to get agents on the floor any sooner than 5 weeks or substantially improve proficiency levels of new agents.

After Guided Tour (188 words)

Using Knowlagent’s Job Match & Initial Training Solution, General Standard now has a time-saving process for better hiring and a cost-effective training solution that increases retention and reduces time to proficiency.

Karen now has a screening process that works to make selecting candidates quicker, easier, and more consistent. Candidates get a realistic job preview to allow them to self-select to continue or drop out from the process. Job models designed specifically for the call center use must-have skills and trait-based assessments to screen objectively and earlier in the hiring process. These changes have resulted in new hire attrition being reduced to 10%.

Once agent candidates are hired, the results from screening assessments help determine what training they actually need. As part of that training, realistic simulations provide the experience they need to be competent and confident in all aspects of call handling. Assessments also help to match agents to the right call type and team. By implementing these changes to its initial training, General Standard has reduced new hire training by one week, and the new agents are better prepared to help the call center meet its goals.

Coaching & Performance Management

Before Guided Tour (165)

Robert Davis is the Call Center Manager at General Standard Group’s Springdale, California call center. The center recently struggled with meeting its performance goals. Robert believed supervisors could be key players in improving results, but he had been unable to make coaching happen more often and could not ensure what coaching did happen was effective. His supervisors told him they were coaching when they could, but he had the feeling things were pretty haphazard and inconsistent.

Sally Johnson is a supervisor, who had struggled to find time to coach her agents effectively. Many times, too much time elapsed between an event and when she was ready to provide coaching. And often, she just didn’t know where to start. For example, an agent on her team, Kyle Kramer, was having real trouble with some of his key metrics. She had spent quite a bit of time trying to instruct him on how to improve but was frustrated that her advice didn’t seem to be helping much.

After Guided Tour (165)

Now that General Standard has implemented Knowlagent Coaching & Performance Management, supervisors have gained the advanced skills, time, tools and processes they need to coach behavior to improve performance.

Knowlagent finds the time for supervisors to coach, while teaching supervisors the skills needed for advanced coaching. By breaking down common problems into specific coachable behaviors, and then automating much of the coaching process, the solution gives supervisors a framework to guide their coaching efforts. Sally and her agents work jointly to improve performance these days. And when it isn’t necessary for face to face coaching, her agents can even receive electronic coaching. As a result, all agents benefit from coaching, not just the poorest performers.

Robert now has a view that shows him how coaching is making a difference. He is seeing more consistent coaching execution, more coaching occurrences, and more effective coaching. His numbers are up, and he can track and measure how much General Standard’s improved coaching strategies are contributing to those improvements.

Continuing Training & Communications

Before Guided Tour (165 words)
General Standard Group. introduced a new line of products. With two agent populations – service only and service to sales – there was a lot of training needed to get all call center agents up to speed, including product knowledge, service training and sales training. But, the center was under such tight operational pressures already, that taking the agents off the floor for any period of time seemed impossible.

Since time is the scarcest resource in the call center, the center used limited classroom training on the new products and then used chair drops, emails and supervisors to fill in the gaps. Even then, the center’s operational metrics still suffered, and the agents ended up retaining little of what they learned.

One of the teams had an especially difficult time. Its supervisor, Sally Johnson, spent a lot of time trying to keep her agents up to date. She had even tried creating some training aids on her own for Kyle Kramer, an agent who was really struggling.

After Guided Tour (121 words)
Now that General Standard Group has Knowlagent Continuing Training & Communications, the company has solved its time for training problem. Since Knowlagent learning breaks are pushed directly to agent desktops only during call volume downtimes, General Standard can now communicate and train effectively without sacrificing operational metrics, helping save the call center time and money. It is seeing substantial performance improvement through the ongoing, individualized training. Agents no longer have a problem keeping up with all the newest promotions because everything they need to know comes right to their desktops when they need it. As a result of these changes, Sally is seeing major improvements on her team, and Kyle is really benefiting from the focused training he gets through Knowlagent.

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