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Job # 1836 WinningSTATE-Softball / Audiobook

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Jul 25, 2006 @ 16:44
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Aug 15, 2006
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Let’s Win! Publishing is converting WinningSTATE-Softball into audio book format and is looking for a narrator to perform the reading.

WinningSTATE-Softball is about teaching athletes the skills to perform under competitive pressure, and help them develop competitive confidence. The total number of words in the book is approximately 25,000.

Voice description: The narrator should sound a lot like a coach: authoritative, challenging, persuasive, finger-pointing, "putting a clamp on you", and in-your-face, but in the same time, he should sound motivational, supportive, and instructional. The narrator should speak with the conviction and credibility of a coach who knows his athletes and knows what’s good for them.

Since the audience for this book will mostly consist of teenage athletes, with limited attention spans, the reading must be very engaging: energetic, emotional, and conversational. Talking instead of reading: e.g. if you’re reading a question from the book, don’t just read it….ask it.

Imaging yourself sitting in front of a young athlete when reading this book: you have to persuasive, emotionally-engaging, and motivational.

Below is a sample from the first chapter. Please read and record couple of paragraphs and send me the test reading so we can choose the best candidate.

Thanks for your time and good luck,

Nick Bahr
Let's Win! Publishing
WinningSTATE Confidence Books

Sample script:

You know how to play the game. You’ve worked hard at practice. You know the right place to be on defense; your hitting game is strong, your throwing game is right on target and you know what you’re capable of. You’ve dreamed about ripping the game winning homer, pitching the flawless post-season shutout or diving to grab the impossible out. But instead, when the pressure is on, you’ve choked at the plate, committed errors or released wild throws. Too many times you’ve ended up walking off the field feeling disappointed and dejected, knowing you could’ve played a better game; you wonder why you haven’t had your best game when you needed it the most. You wonder what’s missing. You wonder why the last game of the season has never been your best. You wonder how to take your game-time confidence to the next level. Answer: It’s time to learn how to compete … mentally.

Games are entirely unlike practice. The excitement, the strange environment, the players you’ve never faced before, freaked-out teammates, and the tremendous pressure to win, all require mental skills which must be developed, just like hitting, fielding, running and throwing. Physically, most athletes train their butts off, but mentally they do very little to prepare for competition. WinningSTATE–SOFTBALL focuses on the mental skills clutch players use, in pressure situations, to perform consistently at a high-level.

WinningSTATE–SOFTBALL explains the fundamentals of thinking like a competitor. I talk about the mental skills necessary to win the confidence battle, what drives a champion, the difference between practice and competition, and how to mentally approach games ready to compete. I outline how to develop a focused game mindset, which will take your competitive skills to the next level, and will instantly elevate your confidence during pressure situations—guaranteed.

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