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Job # 1837 Voice over for conference telephone systems

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Jul 25, 2006 @ 17:10
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Aug 10, 2006
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DataNaut has six years of experience delivering high quality solutions for our clients. We design, build, deploy, and maintain software for large and complex systems focusing on bioinformatics, multimedia streaming, financial systems, wireless technologies and instant messaging.

We need individual high quality files for conference call prompts. It is necessary that the person has recorded for telephone system before and knows what may be required.

Files should be normally recorded in .wav PCM 16KHz 8bit mono 2.

All prompts should have the same pace

Business prompts should be recorded by neutral voice without excessive expression.

Word Count: approximately 400


0 : Zero

10 : Ten

11 : Eleven

12 : Tewelve

13 : Thirteen

14 : Fourteen

15 : Fifteen

16 : Sixteen

17 : Seventeen

18 : Eighteen

19 : Nineteen

1 : One

20 : Twenty

2 : Two

30 : Thirty

3 : Three

40 : Fourty

4 : Four

50 : Fifty

5 : Five

60 : Sixty

6 : Six

70 : Seventy

7 : Seven

80 : Eighty

8 : Eight

90 : Ninety

9 : Nine

hundred : Hundred

million : Million

minus : Minus

thousand : Thousand

conf_exit_confirm : You entered the key to exit from the conference if this
is your intention please press 1, otherwise please press 2

conf_exit : Thank you for using our service

before : You are the first caller an you'll be placed on hold until the next
caller arrives

host_instructions : While in the conference to hear the callers count press
2; to exit the conference press 3; for this help message press 4;to access
listen only mode press 5; to mute or unmute your call press 6; to secure the
conference press 7; to set entry and exit tones press 8; to start conference
recording press 9

conf_open : Open conference. Callers may now join

conf_secure : Secured conference. No other callers may join

if_correct : if this is correct press one, to reenter your access code press

line_mute : Muted

line_unmute : Unmuted

can_not_unmute : The conference host has muted the conference this line can
not be unmuted

participant_instructions : While in the conference to exit the conference
press 3; for this help message press 4; to mute or unmute you call press 6;

start_recording : This conference is being recorded

stop_recording : Recording has been stopped

not_stop_recording : You can't stop conference recording because it is
started by someone else

subscriber_pin_incorrect : You are not authorized to start a recording at
this time. Please contact customer service if you need assistance

subscriber_pin_prompt : Please enter you subscriber pin followed by #

welcome : Welcome

you_entered : You entered

goodbye : Goodbye

enter_access_code : Please enter you access code followed by the #

welcome_enter_access_code : Welcome. Please enter you access code followed
by the #

invalid_access_code : Invalid access code

try_again : Plase try again

en_off_ex_on : Entry chimes the off, exit chimes the on

en_on_ex_on : Entry chimes the on, exit chimes the on

en_off_ex_off : Entry chimes the off, exit chimes the off

en_on_ex_off : Entry chimes the on, exit chimes the off

gl_mute_open : All callers are unmuted

gl_mute_question : All callers are muted and they can unmute themselves by
pressing 6

gl_mute_close : All callers are muted

thereare : There are

thereare2 : ... callers on the call.

announceyourself : Please announce yourself.

service-unavail : We are experiencing technical difficulties, please call
again later

please_wait : Please wait

reconfirm : To start conference recording press 1, to return to the
conference press 2

invalid_input: Your input is invalid

dndc_greeting: Thank you for calling DataNaut, if you know your party's extension, you may dial it now.
For directory information, press 1.
To reach the operator, press 0 or hold.

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