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Jul 25, 2006 @ 17:18
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Sep 20, 2006
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I need voices for a series of children's books. Most of the stories will be simple narration, with some character voices throughout the script. I also want to add sound effects and music with some singing (very little singing, but some). Please submit your bid with sound effects separately if want to do them yourself. I mostly want a voice talent that would love to entertain children with story telling. Each book is only 25 pages long, with only a few sentences per page.


There once were four little rabbits named Flopsey, Mopsey, Cottontail, and Peter. They were happy little rabbits that lived in a warm and cozy home on a sand bank and inside a big fir tree. Mother rabbit always took very good care of her precious little bunnies.


Mother rabbit always wanted to protect Flopsey, Mopsey, Cottontail, and Peter. She would warn them of dangers in the world and of things that could really hurt them. “Little rabbits have to be careful,” mother rabbit would say. “Never talk to strangers as they may want to make you into rabbit soup.”


Mother rabbit had also warned Flopsey, Mopsey, Cottontail, and Peter about Mr. McGregor’s garden. “Whatever you do, don't go into Mr. McGregor’s garden.” Peter rabbit always had a very adventurous spirit and would try things that his mother had warned him against. He would often go up to Mr. McGregor’s garden and look inside the garden gate.


On the outside Mr. McGregor’s garden looked like the perfect place to play. It had turnips, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, radishes, green beans, and Peter’s favorite vegetable, carrots. Peter would often go near the gate of Mr. McGregor’s garden just to look at those large rounded carrots lying there in a basket. Mr. McGregor had already pulled them out of the ground and they were just waiting to be taken by a naughty little rabbit.


“Oh, how I wish I could go into Mr. McGregor’s garden and have one of those delicious looking carrots” Peter rabbit would say. “But Oh you can’t,” would say Flopsey, “mother says that we can’t go into that garden, it is very dangerous.” “That’s right,” said Mopsey, “don’t you remember mother telling us how unsafe Mr. McGregor’s garden can be?”


“What could be dangerous about a little old garden?” said Peter Rabbit. “I could sneak under the garden gate, grab a carrot and run back out again in a flash. Nobody would even know that I had been there.” Cottontail spoke up, “You better not let mother catch you going in there. You would be in very serious trouble.”


Mother rabbit overheard what Flopsey, Mopsey, Cottontail, and Peter were talking about and she scolded Peter Rabbit. “Peter Rabbit you better stay out of Mr. McGregor’s garden if you know what is good for you.” “It may look harmless, but behind that garden gate lay all kinds of dangers and traps that could cause you serious harm.” Then she told him as she often did,

“Peter, Peter Rabbit, You better be good
And listen to your mother like you should.”


The next day Mother Rabbit went blackberry picking just behind their warm and cozy home. Flopsey, Mopsey, and Cottontail were still safely sleeping in their warm little beds. Peter Rabbit, however, was up and playing and he decided to have a look at Mr. McGregor’s garden again.


Peter Rabbit looked inside at all the wonderful vegetables. Oh how he wished that he could run inside and eat until his heart was content. He peeked under the garden gate and saw nothing that would be of any harm or danger. It was peaceful and quiet and Mr. McGregor was probably still in bed. Peter, without thinking about what his mother had told him, ran as fast as he could under the garden gate and headed straight for all those beautiful vegetables. He was going to feast as he had never feasted before.


He began eating everything in sight. He had a little lettuce, cabbage, radishes, turnips, and then he suddenly remembered those large rounded carrots just lying in the basket. He began wandering about going lippity- lippity here and there hoping to find the carrots. He rounded a cucumber plant and caught sight of the carrot basket. He suddenly heard a strange noise just on the other side of the carrots. It sounded like dirt being scratched. Scratch, screech, scratch went the funny noise.

Page 10

His eyes grew wide with excitement when he saw the carrots and he completely ignored the strange noise. He grabbed a large rounded carrot and began to nibble. Thump, thump, thump he heard. To his sudden surprise, Peter looked up to see Mr. McGregor standing there and waving a rake at him. “Stop thief!” shouted Mr. McGregor. “I’m going to catch you, you thieving little rabbit.”

Page 11

Peter was frightened half to death and starting running as fast as he possibly could. “Oh my, what have I done?” he thought. “I’ve disobeyed my mother and now I am in very serious danger. I’ve got to get away from Mr. McGregor! I’ve got to get away if my mother is ever to see me ever again.” Peter ran and ran and ran. He ran until he simply could run no more. With each step he heard the pounding of the rake hitting the ground just inches behind him. He had to find the garden gate. “Oh where could the garden gate be? I’ve got to find that garden gate!” he thought, now in a state of panic.

Page 12

He simply could not find that gate so he ran quickly toward the tool shed and slipped inside through a partially opened door. “I’ve got to find a good hiding spot,” thought Peter. “I’ve got to get a little rest as I can run no more.” The tool shed was dark and there were many places to hide. Peter heard Mr. McGregor coming into the tool shed behind him, so he quickly jumped into a small watering can. “Oh my, it is very wet in here,” thought Peter. “This would be the perfect place to hide if it were not so wet.” “I’m going to catch you, you naughty little rabbit,” said Mr. McGregor. “I’m going to have my wife to make you into rabbit soup.” Peter could hear flower pots being overturned one by one as Mr. McGregor looked for where he was hiding.

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