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Job # 18459 Boy 1 Fun Cartoon use humor

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Jan 28, 2010 @ 04:38
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Jan 30, 2010
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Have fun with this please.

Boy1: David Jock student lives and breathes sports
Boy2: Jacob Laid back kid into music and cars. Loves his cell phone , ipod, lap top, long hair.
Girl: Michelle Nerdy girl wear glasses, preparing for her future. Never fails at anything she does. Studies a lot
Teacher: Dr. John Remember when you were in school those old teachers like 50 years been teaching the same material since 1950. Never change their teaching patterns. Wear a suit to class every day. Very boring


Students are in class waiting for teacher to come in after taking a test two days before. This test counts for a major grade 60 percent of their final average.

Girl says worried voice: How do you think you did on the exam.
Boy1 says: I hope I got at least a 70
Girl says: I studied all night for this exam. I thought I was ready.
Boy2 says: My parents are going to Freak Out. There goes my phone again.
Girl: Where did he get those questions? I hope he curves the exam.
Boy 1 says: My coach is going to make me do bleachers.
Girl says: There goes my chance getting into Medical School.

Teacher walks in with test in his hands.
While teacher stands in front of the class

Teacher: teachers is upset after 25years of teaching this is the worst class he has ever had. Very stern voice he says
Teachers says: I have the exam grades. Next time ( pause) maybe I should start grading you guys on what you DON'T know. The class average is not acceptable.

Teacher starts to pass out the papers first to the girl then to boy2 then boy1. While passing out the exam

Teacher say: Did anyone at least review for the exam.
Teacher says(soft voice): Michelle you need major improvement if your still planning to go to Medical School.
Girl: Looks like she is going to cry because her life if over. She sighs(UGH)! loud enough to be heard
Boy2: Boy2 tells Boy1 whispers…… maybe this old man needs to retire. He is like my grandpa age trying to teach.
Teacher says: Boys I hope your discussing how to pick up your grades.
Boy1 Look at his paper
Boy1 says: Dam this blows.
Girl says: Sir Will you be curving the grades by any chance.

Teacher says: Have a great day I will give you a retest in one week.
Teacher walks out of the class room

Students walk out the class
Boy 1 says: What can we do to pick up our grades.
Boy2 says: I have a good idea. We can get his exam ahead of time and just rememorize all the answers.
Girl says: My cousin has a private tutor I think the name is….(take a pause) Rgv Tutor.
Boy1 says: I rather get a tutor than cheat.
Boy2 says: Then tutoring it is

Time passes by maybe show a clock with the hour and minutes hands going real fast.
Student took the retest.

Students are in class waiting for teacher to come in.
Boys2 says: I can’t wait to get my phone.
Boy 1 says: Tell me about it. My coach and my parents are getting on my nerves. This re-test seem too easy.
Girl says: That all boys care about. I’m thinking about my future. (Pause) I’m sure I made an A. Baylor here I come.

Teacher walks in with test in his hands.
While teacher stands in front of the class

Teacher says: I’m very proud of you guys. Keep up the good work.
As the teacher passes the pass the test back

Teacher says: How did you all pick up our grades.
Students are all very happy.
All students says: (High pitch voice) Don’t let your grades fall make the call RGV Tutor!
Boy1 SAYS: They even have online tutoring


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