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Job # 1859 Teshverse Comics Voice Acting

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Jul 28, 2006 @ 05:32
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Aug 28, 2006
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TeshVerse Comics is the comic book publishing company founded by former Marvel Comics character designer Tesh Fox and artist Jennifer Tunsteng. They are rooted in the south Georgia and upper/central Florida area, and have brought the area such characters as Teshy T. Foxboy, The Incredible Thud, and The Running Man.

This script is for Azriel Spacer, codename Azriel the Rogue. During this character's teenage years, he was a punk anti-government vigilante who learned a great deal of his exotic and vast knowledge of weaponry and combat from his time alone on the internet as well as from a father who was a former GSG9 force member. When he was 18, Azriel's father was a general in the military, and Azriel managed to infiltrate the restricted sectors of a weapons lab on the base where his father served. Azriel obtained a super-soldier serum codenamed 'Berserker Patriot' and administered it into his bloodstream. He was granted vast superhuman abilities shortly afterwords, and proceeded to wipe out the base while under the effects of the drug. From then on, he was able to actually fight against a corrupt government and spark a revolution while taking on the best superhuman mercenaries the government had to offer. However, his efforts were thwarted momentarily after three years after being captured by his nemesis The Hitman, and he was forced to work as the sole operative for mission Platinum Man X-5 against the traitor operative Musashi Duran on the island of Zazaba.

The desired voice for this character is one of a 21-year-old man with a confident, gruff (but not deep) but somewhat slightly naive voice.

The voice acting role will be used for the Azriel the Rogue character in a upcoming game (currently in development stages) coming in late 2007 on next-generation game consoles, action figures coming towards the end of 2006, as well as the dub of a possible anime series, with a date of TBA.

"Wha--?! The Hitman! It's you again, huh? I'll wipe the floor with you like last time! Oh, and you brought the two Arnolds with you !"

"I've made too big of a deal out of myself to just go home now, but the revolution will have to be put on hold. Then I'll get out from under the thumb of Colonel Delton and these weird foreign affairs...I hope."

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