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Job # 187274 #FallingPlates dubbed into Romanian

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May 20, 2016 @ 15:39
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May 31, 2016
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You are the voice of Jesus. You are the only voice that will be heard in the video. You are the narrator. This is a flying 4 minute video that leads us through a series of metaphors that represent the basic stages of salvation history: creation, the fall, Jesus' coming and Resurrection, and our salvation.

Your entire Romanian script for this project is viewable as the Romanian closed captions for my 4 minute video named "#FallingPlates", which has over 12 Million views online.

What is most important to me is evaluating a voice recording based on the perceived "emotional and spiritual response of the viewer to the narrator".

"Works" vs "Will not work":
1. Volume / sound quality - not muffled, but clear
2. Accuracy of speaking the words, matching the script
3. Understandable by the masses
4. Not distracting from the film. The voice should draw attention to the message without drawing attention to the voice.
5. Fluctuation, emphasis, tone
6. The dialect of the narrator comes with pre-conceived dislike
7. Speaking with: soul, feeling, passion, pleasant
8. Removal of additional unintentional noises

The Romanian script is included as an attached file. If you feel it is necessary to improve the Romanian script by offering a better translation, then please request permission from me first, with an explanation of what changes you are suggesting, and why.

The objective is have you create a Romanian voice dubbing. As professional as possible, you will create audio file with only your voice. You will not need to worry about the background music or sound effects.

The listening audience includes students and adults. Most will be watching on YouTube on a mobile device. You are speaking mainly to people who do not know much about God, Jesus, or Christianity.

When you are speaking, speak as if you are speaking to an individual, to an 18 year old boy. Speak as if you are looking directly into his eyes, down to his soul. Pretend this boy has emotional scars because he is upset at God, and dissatisfied with church. He misunderstands Christianity, believing it is just a bunch of rules that take joy away from life. You are speaking to him in a way that causes him to consider what it would be like to truly follow this loving Jesus.

When people hear your voice, they need to hear a voice of love and deep compassion. I want them to feel loved, as if Jesus is smiling at them. During the video, Jesus' voice sounds like he could have a tear in his eye. Usually, when I let others listen to #FallingPlates dubbed into another language, people often say it sounds as if the voice actor is just reading the translated script, instead of speaking with genuine emotion.

I am neither looking for a powerful voice, nor one that is authoritative, nor angry. The goal is not to show God's power, but to display that God is approachable and understanding.

Your emotion and fluctuation should sound similar to the English voice.

When you record your voice track, watch the original YouTube video while wearing headphones so you can hear the English voice while you record yourself speaking into your microphone the Romanian Closed Captions at the same speed as they are displayed on the YouTube video. Make sure that the sound in your headphones is not very loud because the microphone will record every background sound, even from your earphones. Prevent all distracting, unnatural background noises (clicking of computer mouse, conversations in next room, etc).

Format Standards for Recording:
1. Sample Rate: 44.1kHz,
2. Bit Depth/resolution: 16-bit,
3. Record your voice to a “mono” track,
4. Audio File Type: BWF (.WAV)
5. You are creating a basic "dry" voice-over recording (no reverb).
I will take care of all of the post-production work.

This link will display #FallingPlates on YouTube showing Romanian Closed Captions:

Here are some examples of other languages that have already been recorded:
Spanish: https://www.fallingplates.com/es-ES
Portuguese: https://www.fallingplates.com/pt-BR
French: https://www.fallingplates.com/FR


Note from Voices.com: This job posting has been reviewed and approved by Voices.com staff. Voices.com recommends that you record a portion of the client’s script to audition for this project. Please title the audition file with your name to assist the client in selecting an appropriate candidate.

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