NetSupport 24-7 Product Presentation, Part II

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Job # 1986 NetSupport 24-7 Product Presentation, Part II

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Aug 25, 2006 @ 07:50
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Aug 29, 2006
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NetSupport Limited is the founding member of the NetSupport Group and was incorporated in 1989. It is a privately owned Limited Company registered in the United Kingdom.

The Company's worldwide HQ is located in Peterborough, United Kingdom. The focus at these offices is on product development and customer support. NetSupport also has international sales and support centres in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Japan.

We are producing a presentation highlighting the benefits of our product over alternative solutions. Part of this presentation is responding to common questions posted by customers. As such we want individual audio clips to represent different customer questions that can then be inserted into our presentation.

This may be untypical be we either want different voices or one individual who is able to vary the tone / pitch of their voice so they do not appear to be a string of questions from the same individual.

Each of the following will be a standalone voice clip.

(1) What exactly is NetSupport 24-7?

(2) Why would I use an online solution like NetSupport 24-7 rather than a traditional remote control solution?

(3) What do I have to install to use the product, and what do my customers need?

(4) So is it just a remote control solution for customer support?

(5) If all my chats and Remote Control sessions are heading over the Internet, it can�t be very secure.

(6) How does it differ to products like NetOP on Demand?

(7) I have seen GotoMyPC, Logme-in and others. Are you the same?

(8) Won�t the performance be really slow if you are in the UK and I am based in America?

(9) What kind of History and reporting do you offer?

(10) Is NetSupport 24-7 a new solution, as I�d prefer to invest in a proven technology.

(11) You said it provides an Inventory of my customers computer. What does it tell me?

(12) What other features does NetSupport 24-7 include that I should know about?

(13) What kind of organizations use NetSupport 24-7 and how do they use it?

(14) Surely it would be cheaper to purchase a one time permanent license for a product rather than pay a monthly subscription?

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