Hardy Boys-On location in Van Nuys

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Job # 2009 Hardy Boys-On location in Van Nuys

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Aug 31, 2006 @ 23:20
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Sep 14, 2006
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This is an audition for Los Angeles and the surrounding area only. Recording in Van Nuys, CA.

We are producing the Hardy Boys on Audio and need a talented reader with the capability to sound 17 and 18 years old as well as be the Narrator and other character voices.

This project, if you are the voice we are looking for, is a finished 3.5 hour program. This is a series and is ongoing work. There are 2 programs now and more to come.

Please audition from the script below. Only submissions from the file will be considered.

The pay is $175.00 per finished hour. Please leave your phone number as well in the submission form.

Remember this is for young adults. Have fun with this mystery but please don't be over the top! I look forward to your audition and we will be recording this program immediately so don't wait. Submit Now!


"Just what I told you," Chet said with a supercilious glance at the Hardy Brothers.
Frank, eighteen, and Joe, a year younger, looked skeptically at their enthusiastic friends.
"There are a lot of important things to be found", Chet burbled. "How about the four of us going on a trip together?"
"To the honeycomb Caves?", Joe Asked.
"Sure. Why not? It's only fifty miles down the coast. Good swimming and fishing there, too."
"I'll explore the caves for hidden jewels," Joe said dryly, "while you and Biff pick up a million dollars' worth of rusty nails."
"It's a deal," Biff said , laughing. "Let me try that gimmick, Chet."
The stout boy removed the earphones from his heard and handed Biff the long, thin tube with a metal disk at the end.
"When you hear a loud clicking," Chet said, "you know that something metallic is under the ground."
His face intent, big Biff moved about the grass with the detector. Suddenly a voice from inside the house called, "Frank Joe!".
"Okay, Dad, we're coming," Joe answered. He leaped up the front steps three at a time, with Frank at his heels.
Inside, Mr. Hardly, a tall athletic man, motioned his sons into his study.
Fenton Hardy's reputation as a sleuth was worldwide. A former crack New York City police officer, he had moved to Bayport to become a private detective. Now his sons seemed destined to follow in their father's footsteps.
"What's cooking, Dad?" Frank asked as the two boys sank into comfortable seats.
"Another mystery?" queried Joe.
Mr. Hardy flashed a smile, then became serious and opened a dossier before him on the desk. "I've got important news," he said.
"About what, Dad?" Joe asked.
"Telescope Hill."
"Where the U.S. Is erecting the Coastal Radar Station?" asked Frank.
"What's going on there?" Joe asked.
"Trouble. That's all I know so far," Mr. Hardy replied. He told his sons that he had been deputized by the U.S. Government to aid in security at the gigantic installation designed to protect the coast of North America.
"To hunt out spies?" Joe asked.
"More likely saboteurs. There have been some strange, unexplained accidents at the site"
"Attack from within?" Frank queried.
"Yes. Perhaps a guard. That's my guess. So I'm going to reorganize the guard security system and nip any trouble in the bud. I thought you boys might like to help."

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