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Job # 20418 Software App How-To Tutorials (4)

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Apr 13, 2010 @ 21:00
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Apr 14, 2010
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General Overview

Provide voice-over for four tutorials for a software application used to measure the ability to hear in noisy situations. Two tutorials are about 7½ minutes of voice-over time and two are about 5 minutes of voice-over time.

The voice-over of the tutorials will be closely linked to the video (e.g. “Click on the Record button”), however I will be synchronizing the voice with the video in video editing, so the voice-over just needs to be evenly paced.

Voice-Over Tutorials

-QuickSIN – List Selection (707 words). Approximately 5 minutes of voice-over. Rough draft of video/audio:

-BKB-SIN – List Selection (823 words). 97% similar to “QuickSIN – List Selection”. Approximately 5 minutes of voice-over.

-QuickSIN – Administering the Test (1113 words). Approximately 7½ minutes of voice-over. Rough draft video/audio:

-BKB-SIN – Administering the Test (1195 words). 97% similar to “QuickSIN – Administering a Test”. Approximately 7½ minutes of voice-over.


Owners of the Speech-In-Noise Reporter. Hearing health providers tend to be impatient medical types and tend to be rigid in using medical terminology rather than plain English.


The voice-over should be smooth, confident, and conversational. The voice cannot be too deep (i.e. low frequency). Conceptually, it’s as though the voice-over speaker is sitting next to the viewer and showing them how to use the program.


-The scripts have changed since the rough draft videos

-SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) is spelled out (S-N-R)

-TDH is spelled out (T-D-H)

-QuickSIN is said like a word (“quicksin”)

-BKB-SIN is said in combination (“B-K-B-sin”)

-White space/blank lines in the script should have about a 1 second pause

QuickSIN – Administer the Test Script Excerpt

Welcome to this Speech-In-Noise Reporter video tutorial for administering a QuickSIN test. Proper preparation and administration of the QuickSIN will provide you with the information to effectively counsel your patients and recommend the best technology to improve your patient’s ability to hear in noise.

In this tutorial, we are going to:

Review the steps to prepare your equipment and systems for the test

Show you how to set up for the test in the Speech-In-Noise Reporter

Administer a test, and

Read the test report

So let’s get started.

Setting up your equipment correctly is critical for an accurate assessment of your patient’s ability to hear in noisy situations.

The hardware equipment used to administer the QuickSIN test can be loudspeakers, insert earphones, or TDH earphones.

- A nicer version of this description
- Scripts for the tutorials

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