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Job # 2064 Supervisor - Demo CD

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Sep 12, 2006 @ 20:53
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Sep 14, 2006
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Creative Farm work with a talented team of designers and programmers to offer you a website not only functional and dynamic but also with a professional design tailored specially for your business needs.

We need a voiceover for a product demonstration.

Word count: 1665


(Sally Johnson – CPM – Supervisor)

“My name is Sally Johnson. I’m a supervisor leading a service and sales team.
Since we began using Knowlagent for coaching, I can directly impact agent performance. The tools, best practices, and content have helped me coach more and coach more effectively. The agents know where they stand and they take an active role in the coaching process. The way I typically start my day is arriving here early to catch up and review the team’s performance from the previous day.”

“I’m going to take a look at the team’s performance.”

“Oh, here is a coaching opportunity prompt for Suzy. We’ve been working on her sales dialogue. Suzy has completed the course and had some electronic coaching and I’ve seen very good progress. These self-coaching activities are a great way to help agents get involved in their performance improvement, and they certainly help me balance my workload. I think Suzy just needs a little bit of face to face time, so I’ll accept and it will be placed on my calendar.”

“Let me take a minute and see how the team is tracking on our performance metrics. Well, I see sales conversion is starting to sag.”

“Let’s take a more detailed look at this.”

“Even though it has only been a few days, I’m starting to see a downward trend. My guess is the entire team just isn’t confident yet selling the new products.”

“Later today, I will assign the coaching course that covers new product features and benefits as a review for everyone.”

“Okay, back to the team’s performance metrics…

I’m glad to see I’m hitting my target on coaching time spent with each of my agents.”

“Let’s look at the detail around this metric.”

“Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve made a point to spend more time on coaching activities with each agent. I can see it’s made a difference!”

“I can see in my Coaching Opportunity Log that Kyle is highest priority and the issue is Average Handle Time. I’ll take a look at this in a second, but first I want to take a look at his Sales Conversion Ratio numbers. I’ve spent a lot of time coaching Kyle on this lately.”

“Good to see that Kyle’s conversion numbers are still on the rise. Let me review the details.”

“He really has improved since we completed the coaching around his sales dialogue.”

“Now, back to my highest priority coaching activity – Kyle. I see that the system has identified a coaching opportunity with him around Average Handle Time.”

“I’m going to get started by diagnosing the issue.”

“Kyle is slightly below expectations on AHT. I want to make sure we work on this before it becomes a bigger issue.
Let me take a moment to complete the diagnosis using the wizard.”

“So, I need to choose the area that Kyle struggles with the most. This drop-down covers all the steps in the call flow that can affect AHT. I’ve observed that what he really has difficulty with is overall call control.”

“Since I chose call control as where Kyle has difficulty, now I can see the behaviors that are crucial for success.”

“This diagnosis wizard is great! It helps me understand the real causes of the performance issue and guides me in identifying the key behaviors I need to most focus on in addressing performance improvement.”

“Now I’m going to evaluate Kyle’s performance in the behaviors needed for success in call control. I think he really needs improvement in establishing control at the start of the call, maintaining it throughout the call and regaining it once he’s lost it.”

“Now that the diagnosis is done, I’ll see what the recommended actions are.”

“I see the system recommends this course on Call Control and that he document his long calls.”

“Those both sound like good activities for Kyle, but I’m also going to add some e-coaching.”

“I’m going to recommend that he concentrate on asking closed questions when he notices he is losing control of a call.”

“I also want to make sure Kyle reviews what I’ve done here and see what else he may have to add, so I’ll send him a message.”

“OK. Suzy is the second highest priority. I know I have time scheduled with her later this morning to discuss her sales dialogue.”

“Before our meeting, I’m going to review Suzy’s diagnosis.”

“Ah yes, personalizing the presentation and creating urgency are her issues. Let’s see what we’ve already done around this.”

“Suzy completed her course. She’s done her documentation. And she’s had some electronic coaching. So we’re all caught up except for the follow-up meeting, which we’ll take care of later this morning. Hopefully we’ll get her on the right track.”

“I’ll update the coaching opportunity template with what we cover in our meeting today. I’m planning to role play with Suzy to help her recognize how to apply the techniques she’s learned over the past few weeks.”

“Now I’ve got about 20 minutes before most of the agents arrive, so I think I’ll take some time to review the course I took a while ago on Giving Feedback. I remember there were some great tips on how to give feedback based on On-Track and Off-Track behaviors.”

“I’ve really learned a lot from these courses. I like being able to revisit them so that I can continually improve my coaching skills. Let’s see, I think the course was Coaching Techniques for Giving Feedback.”

“So let me take a look at these objectives first. Yes, this is the course I am looking for.”

“ . . . And here is the info I was looking for.”

“That information will really help me provide the right kind of feedback.”

“Oh. One of my team members needs my help, so I’ll have to come back to this later.”

(Sally Johnson – CTC – Supervisor)

“I’m Sally Johnson. I’m a supervisor with a service and sales team here at Merit Enterprises. Since we’ve been using Knowlagent, I have a great tool to improve my team’s performance. We don’t have to skimp on agent training anymore, and the result is my team is doing much better on all their key performance indicators. My team enjoys their 15 minute Learning Breaks.”

“The way I usually start my day is by reviewing how the team is doing against our key metrics. Of our four main metrics, Average Handle Time is OK, but Sales Conversion is where I want to focus. I can see here that we’re down 2% from our goal.”

“I’m going to look into this more and see how the team is trending.”

“Unfortunately, it looks like we’re starting to trend down.

I saw this earlier this week. My guess is that the team isn’t completely comfortable with some of the new product features we recently introduced at the first of March. Based on this trend and my interactions with the team this week, it looks like I need to assign some product review training for the team.”

“Now I need to look at some individual team members – specifically Kyle Kramer who has been struggling lately. He’s been having trouble identifying sales opportunities in service calls. Let’s see how he’s doing.”

“Great! Compared to last week, Kyle has really improved. We’ve worked as a team to get him close to target. Let’s review his progress so far.”

“He’s been trending up for the past two weeks. It looks like he has completed learning content around the areas he was struggling with, and has applied the techniques he learned. I see one week wasn’t great, but I know Kyle had some personal issues that week, so I think we’re good here.”

“Now that I know how Kyle is doing, I’m going to take a look at the other team members.
I can see how the team is doing by reviewing an At a Glance Report.”

“Here I can see two of my team members are having no problems meeting our sales conversion rate goal.”

“There are two others who are on an upward trend and they seem to be doing well on their assigned learning content.”

“I’m not going to worry about those for now. It’s the two who are trending down that I’m worried about, Eric and John.”

“I’ll have to look further into their performance later today.”

“As for now, I need to see if I have any critical messages. “

“A system restart at 9 tonight and a few updates I may need to send along to the team. OK. Oh yeah, and I need remind the team to get their summer vacation requests in by the end of the week.”

“I almost forgot. I also need to assign a course to Suzy Thomas this morning.”

“Kyle told Suzy how the Identifying Sales Opportunities helped him and she mentioned it yesterday to me. I think it’s a great course for her.”

“Let me put in a quick note about this course.”

“Now that I have taken care of the team, let’s see what is on my plate.”

“I do need to take this Monthly Policy & Procedures Updates course before the team does in case there are any questions about it.”

“Finally, I’m going to take a look at what the team is doing this morning.”

“This tells me who is logged into Knowlagent, who is in a session and who is open. I’m glad to see Eric is in a session.”

“He didn’t get much training time last week. And John is in a redelivered session.”

“Good. Both these guys really need the training. I’ll check in with them later today on their performance.”

“Well, it looks like it’s time to walk the floor. Everyday I’m faced with new challenges, but thanks to Knowlagent, I can make real progress with all of my team members, not just the ones who are struggling the most. As a result, my team gets better, and so do my stats. Sometimes it’s as simple as just knowing where to start.”

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