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Job # 2078 Information Presentation

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Sep 14, 2006 @ 08:59
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Sep 16, 2006
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I need a voice over for an online PowerPoint presentation which is approx. 8-9 minutes.

Word count: 1725

The script is below.

Hello and welcome to The Success Team Information Presentation.

Before I begin, what I am about to show you may seem forthright but I do not believe in telling lies, or giving people false hope. With that said, let us begin.

Right now, I know three things about you. You want more money and more time for yourself… and you need help to attain them both.

How do I know that? Quite simply, you would not be listening to this audio if you had enough money and enough time to enjoy it.

The Success Team has been developed by successful people and has been put into place to help anyone and everyone make more money - this will in turn help you have more time for yourself.

The greatest benefit of our system is that it WILL work for you, providing you do ALL that we tell you to do.

You need to meet the following three requirements for us to be able to help you:

You must have a burning desire to succeed and make money

You must want to have more time to enjoy your wealth

You must be both committed and determined

Why must you meet these requirements?

The system we have in place works. Yes, there will be exceptions to the rule, but as professional business people, we do not run our businesses on exceptions. We stick to what works, and we know that people with a burning desire for more money, more time and more freedom… people who are committed and determined to succeed…WILL become successful using our system for making money.

We know from experience that people with these three requirements are more likely to listen to what we tell them to do - and from our point of view, we would rather work with them as they have a higher chance of succeeding.

You see, it doesn't really matter what we say or tell you to do, if you do not have a burning desire to change your life for the better, then you will not change it.

So get used to this now. Whatever your present circumstances are, regardless of how bad they may be, you will never change them unless you change your attitude and the way you currently live your life.

Our system will help you do that, and by following our instructions to the letter, you can make more money than you ever dreamed possible. You can pay off your mortgage in a short space of time. You can pay off your credit card bills. You can have more time to enjoy the things in life you love most. Whether that
is playing golf, taking 3 or 4 exotic vacations a year, buying your dream home, or simply having a rewarding relationship.

We will introduce you to a business that will give you the potential to earn $5000, $10,000, $20,000 a month or more additional income. How long this takes will depend on your actions.

Bill Gates was once asked by Larry King what he believed success was. He answered this:-

1. Being in the right place at the right time.

2. Having a vision for yourself and your company.

3. Taking massive immediate action.

By joining with The Success Team, you will be entering the 2nd largest money making market in the world. The health and wellness industry. Already worth trillions of dollars each year, it still expands at over 15% per year. So you are definitely in the right place at the right time.

The Success Team will help many people achieve their own personal dreams and we will show you how to take massive immediate action to achieve yours.

Taking massive immediate action is vital and MUST be done if you truly want to achieve success in your life. Even if you do not join us, no matter what you do, unless you take massive action, you will never get anywhere. So, if you are the type of person who is always complaining and blaming everyone and anything for your own failures, then understand this now.

You are where you are today because of all the decisions you have ever made in your life.

If you want to change your life, then start by changing the way you think about things.

We will show you how to do that, and with taking massive action, following our critical steps, you WILL succeed. The only thing that will stop you… is YOU!

I guarantee it!

So, the question you may want to ask right now is what do you have to do exactly?

Well firstly, you will need to join our associate company Pro Image International. This debt free 11-year old company is one of the fastest growing in the health and wellness industry. It's top class products give unlimited benefits to all those who use them.

It is frustrating that we legally cannot let you know what people suffering from lack of energy, bad immune systems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, or who want to lose weight correctly and keep it off have to say about us… but let us say that we would not have been in business this long if we were marketing ineffectual products. We have unique, world-class products and are constantly researching and developing new ones.

Alongside that we have the most lucrative pay plan in the history of network marketing. No other company can boast this because no other company pays what Pro Image does.

We will show you how to get four like-minded people to work with you in your new business. We will work with you until you are ready to help your new team members do exactly the same as you did – find four like-minded people.

Once you have four active people, and they also each have four active people, you will be earning $620 a month.

For some of our members this can happen within a few days of joining. It all depends on how much ACTION you take to begin with.

You will continue to follow our system. Your members will continue to follow our system. After a period of months, you will find you are earning more in a month than you ever made before.

However, if you diversify, try to be different or do things "Your own way", then it is very likely that you will fail.

You must be totally committed, totally enthusiastic and have a burning desire to become very, very successful.

We will help you find that desire. We will help you decide what it is you really want and how you can get it. But, if you do not do as we tell you to, the chances are, you will remain in your current lifestyle for the rest of your life. Is that want you really want? Because if it is, then you will achieve it.

We will give you the necessary tools you need to build your business. We will show you where to get other important tools you must have in order to be a success.

You will need to invest each month in your business. If you are not prepared to do this, then we cannot, and to be honest, probably do not want to help you. If you do not want to help yourself, then why should we help?

Joining Pro Image is FREE. You then need to order product to qualify for commissions. $150 order will get you the top rate of commissions. You will then go on autoship and have a monthly order in place with Pro Image. You must do this, because how can you expect others who join you to do this if you are not?

You will need to focus all your energy and attention on our system. If you do this, you will become successful.

If you want to join lots of different programs in the hope one of them will make you rich, then you should get a second job at McDonalds as you will probably earn more each month by doing so.

We have no time for those who are not willing to do as we do. You will need to report at least twice a week to your sponsor or upline. This is vital in your development and learning.

You will have to attend training calls and conference calls, and make sure your team get on them also.

You will follow our training series within your members’ area. It will include how to get the right attitude, how to prospect correctly, how to overcome ALL objections, how to become a leader and find other leaders.

In a nutshell, it is the most comprehensive success system anywhere.

We have set up this business to help people achieve success the right way. This system is proven and has been used by the world's most successful people. It is the only way to guarantee your success.

You can try it a different way if you wish. Yes, you may be an exception, but as we mentioned before, we do not operate our business on exceptions to the rule.

So, now you know exactly what is expected of you. The only choice you have to make is this.

Do you want to become truly successful, or deep down, do you want to stay exactly where you are right now?

Do not be fooled by hyped up sales pitches of getting rich for doing nothing. No one has ever got rich by doing nothing. If you want to join a program with a forced matrix in the hope that your upline will fill your matrix, then be aware of this. No one has ever had their matrix filled by someone else doing all the work. If they have, then one or two months later, people left and within months, the matrix was empty again.

The Success Team will show you how to build a strong stable business that will give you an income for life.

So, it is now time for you to sign up and get started. If of course, you really want to be successful.

The success team will train you for success!

The success team will support you for success!

The success team will guide you toward success!

Join our group of winners now and become the success you have always dreamed of being!

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