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Job # 2086 28-page ebook to audio CD

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Sep 15, 2006 @ 15:26
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Nov 21, 2006
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This is for a 28 page non-fiction, how-to business ebook. I need an authoritative, business-like (but likable & helpful) voice.

Please include details in your quote as to what may be additional fees (editing, etc).

This is my first project of many - so I am looking for someone who's easy to work with, and has experience in similar projects.

The finished product will have a limited distribution as I am just starting out in this business.

The word count for final copy is between 7000-8000 words.

I need your quote to be for the entire job (not per page or per minute). That way, I can compare apples to apples.



Sample Script:

Effective marketing is what brings customers to you. A dependable, consistent marketing plan and implementation system delivers customers efficiently, on a regular basis, and for a much lower investment than the hit-and-miss methods many business owners attempt.

No business can achieve optimum success without solid and consistent marketing. Without an effective marketing program in action, your growth and success in any business is unnecessarily handicapped.

What is marketing?

A simple definition of marketing would be anything that you do to get customers or to keep customers. Your display ads, newsletters, web sites, sales letters, direct mail packages, brochures, Yellow Pages ads, classifieds, etc., all represent part of the marketing picture. The same goes for your sales people, service staff, letterhead, business cards, as well as the sign on your office or shop.

Every representation of your company…every contact you have with prospects or customers… every perception a prospect or customer gathers… is in effect, marketing.

Marketing is a never-ending function of business – you’re always marketing whether you realize it or not. And every facet of marketing either helps your business prosper, or it hinders growth and profitability.

Everything is marketing and… marketing is everything to your success!

If you want to expand in the most expedient, cost-efficient and proven way, you need to take a good look at your overall marketing strategy. When you realize that “everything is marketing”... you begin to look at your business operation in a whole new light. You’ll
see obvious mistakes when you consider how your customer or prospect might view a particular situation, event, or marketing document.

There are 4 fundamental elements of successful marketing to consider:

1. Product – You must have a quality product or service with widespread appeal and you need to be either competitively priced, or offer something that’s superior to what anybody else offers.

2. Prospects – You need to have a market to sell to. Who are your prospects? Is the market large enough to serve your continual growth?

3. Media – You also have to have a way to get your message across to your market. What methods provide the best, most reliable access to your market?

4. Message – The message is your communication with your market. It’s everything you put into your advertising and marketing materials to convince prospects and customers to buy.

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