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May 13, 2010 @ 02:59
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May 17, 2010
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I have developed a script timed to an story board that covers a pregnancy complication called Twin Twin Pregnancy. I am a solo business person trying to market this storyboard to hospitals but need the audio recording.

Please send me a quote as I am shopping around.

Below is a sample page for your recording. There are a total of 10 pages with same amount of data/words as below.

This is a low end project so I am shopping around to find the best deal out there. As I am paying out of pocket for this project I have to be lean on the costs.

If this works out there are a number of other projects that I am working on and may use you for consistency.

Please send pricing as soon as you can.

All the work has been done to make this as simple as possible for you, written script and entire audio for project prerecorded to time with story board.


Sample from Script:

You may have recently been told by your physician that you have a condition known as Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome or TTTS. Most patients, when they have been told that they have this condition, go to the Internet to do research, where unfortunately, they often find many confusing pieces of information... It is our hope that this educational video will provide you with the facts and information you need to know about TTTS. Pregnancies affected with TTTS, begin as a single sperm fertilizing a single egg. The egg splits very early in pregnancy, somewhere between the 2nd and 5th day after conception, to create what is known as monozygotic twins. These are also called identical twins. Identical twins are the same sex and share identical genetic characteristics. In 70% of identical twins, each baby is in a separate sac, called an amniotic cavity, and both twins are surrounded by a single membrane called the chorion. The medical term for this type of identical twinning is monochorionic- diamniotic (monochorionic means one placenta and diamniotic, means there are;two amniotic cavities). . The presences of single, shared placenta is one of the main features that may lead to complications such as TTTS in identical twin pregnancies.

TTTS complicates about 9% of identical twin pregnancies. This amounts to approximately 1 in 58 cases of all twins, and about 1 in 4,000 pregnancies. It is estimated that there are 2,500 affected pregnancies, or 5,000 babies at risk from TTTS in the United States each year.
TTTS usually begins early in the second trimester. The exact cause for this serious complication is not well understood. What is known is that in nearly all monochorionic twin pregnancies, the babies share certain blood vessels in the placenta. These vascular connections are known as placental anastomoses (uh-nas-tuh-mohz-es). In those pregnancies that go on to develop TTTS, there is an imbalance in these anastomoses, ultimately resulting in one twin losing some of its blood volume to the co- twin.

This twins, on the right, is called the donor twin. As this twin begins to try and adjust for its decrease in blood volume, it also tries to increase blood flow to its most vital organs: the brain, heart and adrenal glands, which are the most important for the baby to protect. The placenta is the main way that waste products are removed from the baby by its mother.


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