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Job # 2177 Snacks TV

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Sep 29, 2006 @ 15:15
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Oct 1, 2006
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This casting is for 2 TV spots airing in South Carolina only. Non-union, paying $500 per spot.

Desired attributes/characteristics:

The voiceover needs to be compatible with the overall movie theme of the piece. In other words, the voiceover can have a definite “announcer” quality to it, but we probably don’t want to go as far as a Don Pardo type of sound. The voice should sound as if he is a bit older, a peer to members of our target audience. Some of the adjectives that describe what we’re hearing include: presence, authority, deep, warmth, clarity, energy, upbeat, distinctive


V/O: Eligible for Medicare? Here’s a sneak preview of how Platinum Advantage from BlueChoice HealthPlan can save you money.

Platinum Advantage gives you all the benefits of regular Medicare…and more… but you don’t spend a lot more.

So you’ll save money for the “little” extras that make life more enjoyable.

Call 1-800-000-0000 now to get The Platinum Advantage Medicare Savings Guide…free.

Read how you can get doctor visits for just five dollars…unlimited generic drug coverage and no referrals for medical care …ever!

And here are more coming attractions from Platinum Advantage…

…there are no deductibles…visit any doctor or hospital you like…or save even more when you use the Platinum Advantage network.

Call now to get your Platinum Advantage Medicare Savings Guide free. And see how much you can save.

(Script ends here)

The following is the description of the video for this voiceover.

Open on movie screen.
SUPER: Platinum Advantage/Blue Choice logos/tags
SUPER: Big Savings for Medicare Eligibles
DISCLAIMER: Paid Actor Portrayal

Cut to medium shot of four seats in a movie theater. An older couple is settling into their seats on the left, and they begin to pull out homemade snacks in anticipation of the movie. The woman takes a bag of homemade popcorn from her purse; the man pulls a granola bar from his pocket.

Camera pulls back slowly to reveal another older couple walking in front of the first couple to get to the seats next to them. The man is carrying an enormous tub of popcorn, obviously purchased from the theater’s concession stand. Both couples smile at one another and appear to exchange polite greetings, while the first couple is clearly amazed at the size of the container of popcorn brought in by the second couple. The second couple sits down and begins eating their popcorn.

Cut to movie screen where the cover of The Platinum Advantage Medicare Savings Guide is displayed.
Cover of guide opens to reveal inside spread of booklet, which then diffuses to soft focus for supers.

Cut back to row of seats to see man from second couple returning to his seat from the concession stand, this time holding an enormous soda. He looks preoccupied as he tries to get to his seat and look at the screen at the same time. The other people in their seats appear to be straining to see around him to view the information on the screen, while still appearing somewhat envious of his large soda.

Cut back to screen where we see booklet page turn again, diffuse out of focus, and supers come up.

Cut back to row of seats. The two couples are smiling and talking to one another as the woman from the second couple pulls the offer booklet from her purse. The two women in the center begin flipping through the offer booklet and talking while the man on the right end offers some popcorn to the man on the left end. Scene diffuses out of focus for supers.

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