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Sep 30, 2006 @ 14:08
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Oct 3, 2006
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This project is the first of two 4 minute Flash animation projects that will be used to communicate what StepNexus does. The company is very young, and doesn't have a large budget, but for the right voice, you could become an ongoing spokesperson for the next project, as well as possible future projects.

We're looking for a sophisticated sounding talent who can address an international audience confidently and with ease.

I look forward to finding the right voice.

Thank you, Randy


More than ever, people are using devices that secure digital information and services. Some of these “secure devices” are banking cards, iPods, PCs, government IDs, flash drives, mobile phones, and cable TV boxes.

Secure devices are fundamental to how service providers like banks, governments, carriers, and digital content providers, interact with their consumers. Service providers today want full direction of their consumer’s experience. For that, they need full control over a local device environment, which means managing precisely what gets loaded, ensuring their content protection, and securing delivery of content to their devices.

STEP enables a common method for service providers to fully manage a user’s experience by establishing secure environments on devices, and ensuring secure content delivery and content privacy.

Using STEP methods, service providers send information to secure devices in Secure Packages; these contain content and applications. When a package arrives at a device, it is loaded into its own secure space in the STEP environment, completely protected from other packages.

Some service providers choose to expand the consumer experience by allowing other service providers to load content and applications onto their devices. The original device issuer may deliver some of its own services, along with some services from others, expanding its role to now become an Experience Provider to the user.

But these other service providers want privacy over their own content and applications; STEP makes this protection possible. That’s important because many services are converging onto single devices, yet each service must remain protected from others. STEP is the only certified and proven architecture that allows an Experience Provider to manage an environment, while simultaneously allowing multiple service providers to deliver and protect their content from all others, including the Experience Provider.

STEP Secured Packages are a new way to deliver content more securely and cost-effectively than ever. “Securely” because these packages are protected all the way from any Service Provider into any Experience Provider’s device or group of devices, given permission from the Experience Provider. “Cost-effectively” because securing content is very simple and delivering packages is flexible, whether sent real-time, pre-delivered, stored at an intermediary’s site, or sent via disk or email.

This combination of security assurance and delivery flexibility never existed before. It makes delivering secured services to new or deployed devices simple enough that a single device can become an updatable portal for a range of different secure services. Secure distribution infrastructure has entered a new age as a simple utility.

The STEP environment may be the whole device, or part of the device. An Experience Provider can even delegate control of a portion of the environment to another service provider.

StepNexus provides a cryptographic utility to Experience Providers and Service Providers so they can manage their secure environments. StepNexus also tests and certifies devices to ensure Service Providers complete privacy of their content.

STEP doesn’t just offer the most cost-effective and secure solution out there. STEP makes new things possible. Phones with credit cards. Disk drives shipped with pre-delivered, vendor-controlled content. Remotely updatable terminals, flash drives or portable security devices. Where ever you find frequent secure interactions, content privacy requirements, or remote secure devices, STEP delivers where others have never ventured.

STEP enables a new world of secure services.

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