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Oct 4, 2006 @ 15:38
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RTP Designs consists of a small team of individuals dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction. Our small size allows us to give a more personal approach when developing solutions with our clients.

This script is, for the most part, the complete script, maybe one or two more paragraphs. This is going to sync with timeline based animations we are working on currently. It just needs to be one long recording. We will convert into seperate files. Thanks in advance for your bids.


You can view the total number of alerts that were triggered, hover over the alert to display the alert conditions that triggered it, or step through each alert using the tool bar or the controls on the Alert Summary window.

If you have a large number of files that must all meet the same quality control metrics you can set up a Batch process to analyze all files with the same Quality alert settings.

Once the files have been analyzed a statistical report can be generated in .txt, xml, or html format. These reports provide vital stats on alert conditions, as well as summary information about the files analyzed.

Watch folders allow you to designate a directory on your network to be “watched” by Semaphore. For example if you set up a Inlet Encodes Directory on your C: drive, Semaphore will analyze any file placed in this directory. The metrics used for analyzing the files are configured within the Watchfolder setup window
Semaphore can generate two kinds of reports

• Statistics report
• Alerts report

Statistics Report

In the Statistics Report window, you can select the

• Report format such as Text, XML, or HTML
• The statistics you would like to generate for the statistics report.

Here is the Statistics report in HTML if all of the Statistics were selected.

The Summary section provides relevant information on the file that was analyzed including frame rate, fourcc, and min – max quantization levels.

The Frame Statistics section displays the statistics selected on the Statistics report window.

The report provides every statistic of every frame within the encoded file. This report can be very helpful in determining areas of interest within an encoded file.

For example, the report may indicate that a group of 100 frames have a quantization above 8. You can simply type the frame numbers to go directly to the problematic frames.

Alerts Report

The second report is the Alerts report. This report is initiated the same way as the statistics report. You can select the

• Report format such as Text, XML, or HTML
• The quality alerts you would like to utilize on any files placed in the watchfolder directory.

Here is the Alerts report in HTML

The summary section provides the same file information as the Statistics report.

The alert summary section displays the name of the alert used for the report, the total count flagged, and the conditions utilized to determine the total count.

For further detail on the alerts that were flagged we can move to the alert detail section which provides specific details such as the start frame, time code, time stamp, and total frames. This information is crucial in providing frame accurate information relevant to the problem areas generated from the Quality alerts.

If you would like to try out Semaphore, please click here to download the free trial. If you have questions or comments about Semaphore please contact us via e-mail at support@companyname.com

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