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Job # 22211 Radio/Other Advertisment

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Jun 21, 2010 @ 07:04
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Jun 30, 2010
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United Management Associates has decided to enter into the radio advertising arena. In our pursuit
of obtaining new clients, we are taking on forms of advertisement not typical to a collection agency.
The more people who hear our ad, the most people who are potentially influenced, and the more leads
that creates for us.

We have three goals in mind when creating this ad:

1. It needs to catch your attention. Sales are made within 15 minutes of a pitch. It needs to stand
out from the other competition radio ads (IE: Restaurants, Services, Etc.)

2. Creative! We want our ad to be creative. We are debt collectors. We suck at anything else but debt collection! Don't be afraid to use your creative side.

3. Professionalism is a NECESSITY.

My marketing team has come up with an idea we all agree is unique. Why not make a HORROR/THRILLER story out of our ad? Here is our script:

'Has your business been written a dishonored check?"

A sound effect like the noises commonly used in a horror/thriller movie when something DRAMATIC/TERRIFYING is about to happen

'Do you have customers that IGNORE their invoices?'

Another sound effect like the first one just louder

'Are some of your customers costing YOU money?'

Maybe a short scream :)

'United Management Associates can help recover your losses! With our world class debt collection service you will find the LOWEST contingency fee in the INDUSTRY, a highly qualified staff, and a recovery rate higher than
the NATIONAL average. Don't wait until too late! Let us help recover every penny due while maintaining your
business relationship with your customers. Call us today at 316-665-4449 316-665-4449 or visit us online at'

We want our ad to sound appealing. You can edit the above how you would like, shorten it if possible.
I'd like to have something that makes it clear we really have the lowest fees, a EXPERIENCED staff, and our recovery rate higher than the national average.

'We guarantee the lowest contingency fee, highly qualified staff, a state of the art call center, we will
help you recover every penny due while still maintaining your business relationship with your customers. Contact our Sales Department today at 316-665-4449 316-665-4449'

I would like two separate sound files that say,

*Requires the voices of other individuals, a mix of male or female.

A mix of male and female voice talents say "United" "United" "United" "United"

and then...

"United Management Associates, Were united in recovering your losses. "

The last voice must sound professional and put emphasis on the right words. Remember we are creating an ad!

'This communication is with a debt collector. It is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose."

We are requesting these two additional sound files because we may have you splice them into the advertisment for another non-radio ad audible advertisment.

Please keep calls minimal as I am in and out of business meetings
this next week due to some software/hardware upgrading we are doing.

Don't be afraid to use your creative side. I want our ad to be nice, professional, fun, and most important APPEALING AND CATCHING.
You don't even have to use our script idea. As long as your ad meets the criteria in the last sentence feel free to make up your own ad. Just be sure it outlines our services etc.


We recently gave a test run, as we had never used the services before and were pleased and have decided to place this project here.. We promise the voice talent who is awarded this job will be used for ALL FUTURE WORK.

We have an ENTIRE PBX system, a automated broadcasting system, and more that we will need about 15-20 CUSTOM RECORDINGS for.

Note from It is recommended that you protect all your audition work by watermarking the submission or only recording a portion of the script provided by the client. This will render your audition file useless for anything other than reviewing your voice. Not sure what watermarking is? Please visit our FAQ section for more information.

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