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Job # 2229 Script for Flash Presentation

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Oct 9, 2006 @ 02:30
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Oct 13, 2006
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We are looking for a voice for the Agent.

Demo Script

1. AGENT: Thank you for calling, how may I help you?

2. CUSTOMER: I wanna pay my bill.

3. AGENT: Certainly, let me check your balance.

4. AGENT: Am I speaking with Mr. Raczinski?


6. AGENT: For verification, may I please have the last four digits of your social security number?

7. CUSTOMER: 4287

8. AGENT: Ok, you currently owe one hundred fifty six dollars. On your next statement you will owe three hundred dollars. Would you like to pay one hundred fifty six or three hundred at this time?

9. CUSTOMER: One hundred

10. AGENT: You can pay one hundred, but one hundred fifty six will insure that your service will continue.

11. Oh...uh...I'll go ahead and pay a hundred fifty six.

12. AGENT: Ok. Would you like to pay with a check or credi (have customer interrupt / barge in)

11. CUSTOMER: Credit Card

13. AGENT: Ok, which cre...(have customer interrupt / barge in)

14. CUSTOMER: Visa

15. AGENT: Please say your sixteen digi (have customer interrupt / barge in)

16. CUSTOMER: 4216 double three double six 6278 5927

17. AGENT: Thank you. I heard you say 4216 3366 6278 5927. Is that correct?

18. CUSTOMER: Yes it is.

19. AGENT: Now may I have the expiration date?

20. CUSTOMER: 09 09

21. AGENT: Thank you, I heard September 2009. Is that correct?


22. AGENT: Let me confirm: I'll charge your Visa $156. Is that correct?

23. CUSTOMER: Yes.

24. AGENT: Thank you. Would you like to hear about a special movie offer while I process your request?

25. CUSTOMER: Sure.

Commercial: Male Voice: Anxious to see the most recent box office hits? Now there's no need to wait! By ordering during this call, you'll get 10 pay per view titles for only 29.95! That's only 2.99 per movie! It's easy. Just follow the usual instructions for choosing pay per view titles, and your TV screen will show you how many you have left at the special prepaid rate. Take as little or as much time as you want to actually choose and view your 10 titles, but don't wait to order! This offer is only valid during this call.

26. AGENT: I've processed your payment for $156. Would you like to take advantage of the special offer you heard?

27. CUSTOMER: Yeah, sounds great.

28. AGENT: Ok, Let me confirm: I'll charge your Visa an additional $29.95. Is that correct?

29. CUSTOMER: Yes.

30. AGENT: May I help you with anything else?

31. CUSTOMER: No thanks.

32. AGENT: Would you like an email confirmation of your order to the address we have on file?

33. CUSTOMER: uh...sure.

34. AGENT: Ok, thank you for calling. We appreciate your business.

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