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Job # 2234 Podcast Purchase

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Oct 10, 2006 @ 14:14
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Oct 16, 2006
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This will be a podcast to promote the use of podcasts to our existing and prospective clients. It is written in the style of a short radio play and requires voices with good character-acting ability.


Tailored sonic / jingle introduction.

This Podcast is brought to you by XXXXXXXXXXX.

SCENE: A shop environment with arrogant customer and cheeky assistant.

Customer: Morning.

Assistant: Hello Sir.

C: I’d like to buy a Spodcast please.

A: A podcast sir.

C: That’s what I said, a podcast.

A: I see, very good sir.

C: Yes I googled podcasts on my blackberry and read a blagger’s blog that said they were the next big thing. I’m very technically minded you know.

A: So I see.

C: Oh yes. I have a plasma palmtop laptop which docks my blueteeth Sanjio phone, my trainers control my mp345 player. And I’ve got a pen…with a digital clock right there on the side of it.

A: Very impressive.

C: I know. So now, a podcast. What colours do they come in?

A: Colours?

C: Yes, I was thinking perhaps something in a deep charcoal but I don’t know what colours are de rigueur for these things.

A: (Slowly) Well, they don’t have colours as such.

C: No?

A: No. You see they’re not so much objects, but more pre-recorded audio shows.

C: Doesn’t sound very gadgety to me.

A: Well no, they are marvellous methods of communication, but not gadgets as such, no.

C: Then how are people going to know I have one?

A: You could promote it on, um do you have a website?

C: Do I have a website? Do I have a website? Course I have a website! I was surfing the world wide web while you were still in short trousers playing with yo-yos and scrumping for apples in a little yellow…

A: I get the picture sir.

C: Yes.

A: So you could host the podcast on your website and encourage people to visit and listen to it.

C: Right well, very good. So I’ll have one podcast for my website then.

A: Ok. And what will the message be?

C: The message?

A: Yes sir, your message.

C: Right. Right. (beat) It needs one of those, does it?

A: That does seem to be all the rage sir, yes.

C: Yes, yes of course. Well, obviously it will be a message about me.

A: Obviously.

C: Yes, a message about me and my business and my successes, and how well I’ve done for myself considering my poor upbringing and all those naysayers who said I wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans and…

A: Well actually…

C: Yes?

A: You might want to be a bit more specific.

C: Specific?

A: Yes. Brevity tends to be the way to go.

C: (horrified) Brevity? But I’ve got so much to say!

A: Clearly. But still, you must consider your audience, and while I’m sure your life story is fascinating it might be too much to consume in one sitting. Podcasts are more suited to giving people a little taster about your message.

C: How small?

A: In your case?

C: Yes.

A: Tiny. Perhaps just your name.

C: Oh right. Why so small?

A: Well podcasts are a splendid way of conveying your personality to an audience.

C: Yes.

A: So we want to convey as little of yours as possible.

C: I see.

A: Good! So, that’s one low-fat charcoal podcast, easy on the personality, coming right up. Was there anything else for you today?

C: Yes, I need some film for my camera phone.

Fade out.

Urgent Voiceover: Podcasts can be a thing of beauty. But they can also be extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. Please, leave it to the professionals.

This Podcast was brought to you by XXXXXXXXXXX.

Tailored sonic / jingle outro.

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