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Job # 23606 Cartoon explaining a business concept

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Jul 30, 2010 @ 12:18
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Aug 4, 2010
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Authoritative, Humorous
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The cartoon should emphasize why although many web security products exist, still online providers are exposed to threats and why security products fail to cover them.

I have a first cartoon draft here:

And these are the guidelines to the cartoonist:
(Texts to be read are all in quote signs, others texts are instructions of how the animation should look like):

"SiteBlackBox presents:
The concept of Business Layer Protection"

"Imagine you have a successful business..." - perhaps at the bottom a face (i imagine the nose on the bottom frame and only eyes and hair visible in frame) who is imagining. Also, perhaps use a shop instead of skyscraper, up to you.

"You know there are many thieves, burglars and vandalism cases around" - what you did was quite perfect, if somehow it can be seen the thieves and burglars are after the vault, even better.

"You wish to protect yourself and surround your business with an electric fence." - No comments here

"This is your firewall." - Perhaps whenever the analogy to security products appears, we show on the corner a model of webservers and another security layer (firewall, WAD, DB protection). You have such model at the flash presentation, the slide following these texts.

"Now you realize those criminals can infiltrate through your open gates among the other customers." - I leave this to your imagination. I guess there should be a gate and "normal" people passing and then the crooks

"You want to thicken your security, so you hire a guard and apply the most advanced screening process." - I imagine a screener with clients passing and screened (maybe show their skeletons), and a guard

"This is your WAF." - again, on the corner WAF will be added to a simple security diagram

"Just to be safe, you secure your vaults with extra iron locks" - I leave this to your imagination

"These are your database protection products". - Add DB protection shield on security diagram

Perhaps add here:
"You seem very well protected and secure now" - The guy who first imagined the scene looking content and satisfied
Perhaps add here:
"SiteBlackBox claimed your business is still exposed" - The guy now lifts an eyebrow

Now imagine this:
"A client enters your shop. He is unarmed, carries no suspected tools and has no bad reputation. He passes your screening process easily." Show the client perhaps winkling, then passing through the gate in the electric fence, doing the screening process like other clients.

"He gets himself a nice seat and starts comfortably taking notes of your inventory and prices". - I leave it up to you. If you can show salesperson assisting him, even better.

"Occasionally he may also persuade clients to try the store across the road and perhaps hang a few signs and banners on your wall. " - I leave it up to you. Banners should contain both "Car [or something funnier] for sale!" and another "Go to Barney's across the road, better prices, better service!"

"He never approaches the vault or takes out any suspected object, so the guards don’t see any security issue and mind their own business." - I don't know how to emphasize NOT approaching the vault, but the guard should look bored.

"Your salesperson, however, assists him with a smile, like you trained them to" - Up to you.

"And your this 'client' slowly destroys and steals your business" - Perhaps a 'fast forward' animation of malicious activity.

"This is exactly how your web application behaves today.
Like this guy's store, web platforms are misused against their own business interests.
Enters: Business Layer Protection"

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