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Job # 2434 Jaquar Marketing Flash Audio Movie

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Nov 16, 2006 @ 23:17
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Nov 21, 2006
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Hi there,

We need an audio presentation (s) with FX sound effects and background music coordination. I time the Flash effects with audio for peak impact. Please refer to www.mikeshaw.ca to see what type of productions we do. Looking for talent to work on many upcoming business productions, as I am a very active Flash designer in the network marketing industry for 10 years.


Mike Shaw


Why YOU Should Start and Never Quit A Home Business

If you don’t know why you should start and NEVER QUIT a home business, this is your lucky day. In the next few minutes you will learn how to increase your net income by thousands of dollars each year.

Firstly, a home business will dramatically reduce the amount of income tax you pay. And second, a home business has the income potential to make you financially free, thanks to the amazing communications technologies we have today.

Let’s be very clear here … this is not your father’s home business. There is no inventory to buy, no meetings to attend, no knocking on doors. Successful modern day businesses use modern day systems.

Let’s start with the tax benefits of a home business - from $3,000 to $15,000 a year for the average family.

That’s because we have two tax systems: one for employees, and one for business owners. Business owners get the best deal. Employees are taxed on everything they earn … before expenses. Business owners pay taxes only on what they have left over - AFTER expenses.

Here’s an example of how that actually looks.

An employee and a business owner both buy a computer that costs $1,000.

If an employee pays 30% of his earnings in taxes and gets to keep only 70%, he has to earn $1,428 to buy that computer

A business, on the other hand, needs to earn $1,000 to buy the computer, and gets to deduct that $1,000 from gross income, further reducing his tax bill. The advantage is profound!

So what qualifies as a business expense? … The cost of anything used to earn money in your home business … for example,
-Computers, software and associated equipment;
-A portion of your automobile expenses, including gas, maintenance and depreciation;
-A portion of your home expenses, including all utilities, property taxes, insurance, rent, and upkeep;
-Any travel expenses connected with your home business;
-And a lot more.

How do you take advantage of these tax benefits? Start a part-time home business with a valid plan and the intent to make a profit. That’s it.

Home business tax breaks will add thousands of dollars to your annual income.


A home business is the fastest way to achieve financial freedom.

Employees are in the 40-40 Plan: On the job 40 hours a week for 40 years. At age 65, they can retire on a pension and Social Security. Those are residual income streams … and that’s good.

Home business owners can be in the 5 Year Plan, creating multiple streams of residual income in 5 years or less … working part time.

It’s all possible because of modern technology:
-The Internet,
-Low Cost Long Distance, and
-Conference Call Systems.

With these technologies you can:
-Start a profitable business for less than $200
-Do business worldwide
-Never attend meetings
-Never touch or deliver products
-Earn money 24/7, even while you sleep
- Compete with large corporations

When you are earning more from your part-time home business than from your job, you can simply fire your boss and, if you like, work fulltime from home. Eliminate the time, cost and stress of commuting, and spend more time with family and friends. Take a vacation whenever you feel like it, and earn money while you’re away. Give yourself a raise when you get back.

Still not convinced? Right now, while you’re watching this presentation, the home-business owner, or HBO, who sent you here could be doing anything:
-Taking his money to the bank.
This presentation is working for him, whatever he’s doing. It’s one of the marketing tools in his business.

If this concept appeals to you and you request more information, one of two things will happen:
-the HBO will e-mail you a presentation on his business, or
-give you the number to a recorded presentation.
The bottom line … the HBO has systems to do all the “telling” and “selling”.

If you’ve always wanted total control over both your time and your money, you absolutely must do three things right away …
1.Get back to the person who gave you this information,
2.Start YOUR home business, and
3.Ask us how you can put this presentation to work for YOU.

Make this the day you start on the path to financial freedom.

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