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Job # 24573 The Man Who Moved Manhattan

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Aug 21, 2010 @ 19:59
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Sep 30, 2010
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US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)
English (North American)
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Middle Aged

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The Man Who Moved Manhattan is a short animated film based on the ‘true’ story of Lozier, a 1820s grifter who conned all of Centre Street Market, and eventually the entire city of Manhattan, into believing the impossible.

In the summer of 1824, a retired ship’s carpenter known as Lorizer walked into Centre Street Market in Manhattan and made a stirring claim. Because of the over-construction on the battery, he explained, the island of Manhattan had begun to sink into the harbor. To ease the panicking public, and persuade the naysayers, he revealed that the mayor had just given him permission to do the unthinkable. Lorizer was to oversee a project to saw the island in half, tow it out into the harbor, turn it around and reattach it to the mainland. The ruse lasted all summer, as Lorizer would return frequently to push the concept forward, going as far as commissioning giant saws with three foot-long teeth, hundred foot-oars with which to steer the untethered island, and holding tryouts for the coveted position of ‘pitmen’, who were to swim under the landmass and control the saws from beneath. The public, suffering from underemployment and the threat of yellow fever, were eager for any chance to earn wages. It seemed, after the construction of the Erie Canal, the future was upon them, and anything was possible.

This film is financed by a 2010 COAHSI DCA Premier Project Grant.

I'm casting for 6 different roles, obviously it would be great if you could do multiple roles. Even though this is an animated short, not every line is an punchline, so don't be afraid to be subtle and 'non-cartoony' in the audition, I usually like something that sounds realistic and believable over the 'shrill yelling' method of voice acting. Thanks!

Because the film takes place in 1800s Manhattan, all the voices are kind of tricky, but (according to Gangs of New York) a new york accent with a hint of english cockney works well. But don't force it if you can't, an un-accented voice could absolutely work too.

The characters are:

Uncle John (70) - 16 lines in 8 scenes
An older man, he is narrating the story to his nephew, Thomas. While his storytelling abilities have not suffered with age, his ability to be honest and truthful has, although this may come from years of swindling rubes on the streets of early New York.

Thomas (30) - 10 lines in 4 scenes

John's newphew, Thomas is an enterprising proper young man, working for the NY historical society and writing a historical account of the city. He has always been on good terms with his uncle, but is gullible, not the best attribute when trying to write a nonfiction book.

Lozier (60) - 20 lines in 4 scenes

Lozier is the titular character, a man with one name and a million cons. He made his living as a ships carpenter in his youth, and lives a simple life, tricking the residents of the city with no other purpose than to prove he can. His calm self-assured attitude and unfaltering confidence usually do the hard work.

Fisherman (35) - 9 lines

One of the unnammed townsfolk, the fisherman is a top-heavy burly mariner. A cynical but clever gentleman, he suspects Lozier immediately, and never once believes him.

Butcher (35) -10 lines

A bottom heavy gentleman, he makes his living selling his wares in Centre Market, and is known to relax there afterwards, gossiping with townsfolk. Well mannered and cordial, but has a temper. He falls for Lozier's ruse.

Woman (30) - 6 lines

The woman (although its never stated) works in the oldest profession in Centre Market. She gets caught up in the excitement of Lozier's plan.

Record a few lines, record an improv, whatever you feel you need to get the character across. I by no means need the entirety of the script in the audtion, that would be crazy

I'd like to have the voices totally recorded by Mid-September, but can wait later if needed. Being an animation, I have character designs and backgrounds if you need material to work with. I'd like to do little write-ups about the characters, along with short blurbs about the actors on the site for the film, so let me know if you'd be comfortable with that.

The site for the film is


Note from It is recommended that you protect all your audition work by watermarking the submission or only recording a portion of the script provided by the client. This will render your audition file useless for anything other than reviewing your voice. Not sure what watermarking is? Please visit our FAQ section for more information.

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