Simulator prototype - Initial test batch Job # 2541

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Job # 2541 Simulator prototype - Initial test batch

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Dec 5, 2006 @ 19:07
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Dec 7, 2006
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About Us: We are an E-Learning company based in Copenhagen Denmark.

Word Count: 280
Target audience: 20 people evaluating a prototype. Voices will be remade for next prototype.
Talent: We are looking for a young Caucasian male (pretending to be a patient = 30 years old) and a young female (pretending to be a nurse = 25 years old.)

• Female: Why did you come here today?
• Male: wanted to talk to you
• Female: About what?
• Male: Just a general health check
• Female: What are you most concerned about?
• Male: Nothing special
• Male: Nothing really - my brother told me that it is always a good idea to get a health check
• Female: Do you have any pain?
• Male: No - I don't have any pain
• Female: Is it sharp pain?
• Female: Is it dull pain?
• Female: Does the pain go anywhere?
• Male: No
• Male: No - I am not in any pain
• Male: No - I don't have any pain
• Female: Do you take any tablets or medicines? (medication)
• Male: Yes
• Female: What do you take them for?
• Male: I take vitamins every morning
• Male: No
• Female: Can I see you medications, please?
• Male: I am sorry, but I didn't bring my vitamins
• Female: Have you had any obstetric or gynecological problems?
• Male: No - I have always been healthy in that respect
• Female: Where were you born?
• Male: I was born in Newark, New Jersey
• Female: Occupation and Education
• Female: What is your current occupation?
• Male: I am a high school teacher
• Male: I am a primary school teacher
• Male: I'm a real-estate broker
• Female: What is your education level?
• Male: I have master of arts in history and art
• Female: Have you ever smoked?
• Male: Yes - but not any more
• Female: How many cigarettes did you smoke then?
• Male: 10 cigarettes a day
• Female: For how long?
• Male: About 15 years
• Yes - and I still do
• Female: How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
• Male: 10 cigarettes
• Female: For how long have you smoked that amount?
• Male: I think about 20 years
• Male: No - never

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