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Job # 2565 Voice over for online presentation

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Dec 11, 2006 @ 10:58
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Dec 14, 2006
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We need a female North American voice which sounds between 30-45 years age. We need both- Cost+quality. A short voice over sample from the script would be appreciated.

Word Count: 740

Script Below:

Something is ‘seriously’ wrong if you are constantly hopping from one diet to the next.
When you really break it down into its simplest parts, the fact remains that no business wants to solve your weight problem.
Isn’t it about time you put an end to the dieting game?

O.k., so have you ever wondered why most diets are scams?

Taking diet pills or specially formulated pre-made meals are nothing but products.
They are business. And they remain so as long as the problem remains. Who then wants to get rid of the problem and get out of the business?
Nobody does- nobody wants to because it’s big business.

Give your kitchen a complete nutrition makeover
Did you ever wonder why your body began betraying you in the first place? Those few extra pounds seem to signal the beginning of a cycle that you cannot control. It is a sign that the inevitable has begun.
The ‘Freshman 15’ typically refers to the average weight gain that a person adds during their first year of college.
Pounds typically pile on when we leave home for the first time and are then forced to feed ourselves.
Our poor food choices poison our body. But when we start feeding our body what it actually needs and not stuff it with undesirable food then diets become un-necessary.
Total Nutrition Kitchen Makeover

Learn How To Stop Playing Dieting Games And Start Living The Life You Always Wanted

Many people mistakenly believe that toxins are only associated with things like alcohol, caffeinated, or tobacco products. Clearly, these substances do toxify the system and cause body functions to breakdown prematurely along with a host of other health issues—these are the obvious no-no’s.
It is also true that the majority of the public is well aware that eating a diet loaded with saturated fats or dependent upon daily infusions of fast food will lead to an even quicker grave. But what about those supposedly “healthy” foods that we buy in the grocery store??

Additives and preservatives in food increase the shelf life of the products. The idea behind the concept is to prevent spoilage and maximize the PROFITS. Unfortunately higher profits for the companies mean increased health risks for you and me.

In the Total Nutrition Kitchen Makeover book, you will learn how to naturally extend the shelf life of perishables without endangering your health or breaking your budget.
We all know that the immune system helps defend the body against bacteria, viruses, and other potentially harmful agents to the body. When this vital system is constantly taxed, the body becomes more susceptible to disease. Substances like additives and preservatives increase the rate of oxidation.

Your Cabinets Are Stocked With Foods That Are Loaded With Toxins And Substances Which Prevent You From Living Life To Its Fullest…

So, does a Total Nutrition Kitchen Makeover simply mean stocking your cupboards with a bunch of “Health Nut” foods? Is this just some silly “Diet” where you will be eating seaweed and tofu while depriving yourself of the foods you love?


I do not believe in gimmicks or short-cuts. Every single fact in my book is backed-up by clinical studies and the most relevant research on all aspects of health and nutrition. Natural solutions to medical problems such as obesity, lack of energy, and susceptibility to disease have been explored and explained.

It is not a book but a philosophy—a way of life. The Total Nutrition Kitchen Makeover is the first step towards living the Holistic and Alternative way of life. This book will help you in ridding your body of the toxins and bad food habits. After reading and implementing the suggestions and tips I provide in Total Nutrition Kitchen Makeover, you will reap many benefits.

I have already done all the hard work…all you need to do is read and embrace Total Nutrition Kitchen Makeover to begin enjoying a lifetime of improved health and overall wellness!

I invite you to try Total Nutrition Kitchen Makeover for 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply contact me for a complete refund…no questions asked.

Why would I do this? Because I know that Total Nutrition Kitchen Makeover works. The principles have worked for me and for hundreds of my patients and they will work for YOU TOO!!

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