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Job # 25841 Vampire themed video game

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Sep 22, 2010 @ 18:38
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Jan 10, 2011
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English (North American)
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We are looking for experienced, non-union (or Financial Core) voice actors for a creepy but humorous computer game based around a female vampire. 12 total parts needed, 9 male and 3 female.

Local Seattle talent is a plus, but recordings can be done remotely if you can provide studio-quality recordings with the following specs: 24 or 32bit, 44.1k wav files, mono.

Please post an audition file using the attached script for the characters you are interested in.

ALEXANDJO PHILOFF -- Alexandjo is the leader, organizer and ring-master of the Cirque Terrible. He's a vampire, tall and handsome, dramatic-looking. He's Romanian in origin, with dark hair that is longish, full and wavy.
Voice: Sophisticated, European, sexy.

TINDERBELL – A Cirque Terrible troupe member , Tinderbell is a little girl vampire who can start fires with the power of her mind (she 'throws' the fire from her hands). She looks about 8 or 9 (but is really ancient). Tinderbell is completely ruthless, vicious and not very bright. She would very much like to burn Dahlia like a firecracker, but fortunately Dahlia outsmarts her.
Voice: Bad seed little girl-ish. Really rotten. May fake sweetness to get her way.

FELIX -- Felix is the Cirque Terrible's propmaster, it's 'wizard in the basement' who creates the props and special effects for the show. He's a genius mechanical toy maker, alchemist, mystic, nature lover. He's a complex (and messy) person. He was a Jewish Kabbalist/alchemist in Poland back in the time of Golems and mystical rabbis. (ala 1400's) But no one in the circus realizes how famous Felix is, or that he is in deep hiding. He should also look kind and sensitive. He took on vampirism because he was dying and refused to leave his young daughter or his scientific studies.
Voice: "Very intelligent, a bit on the bookish side, vaguely European (Polish)"

THE GLUTTON OF GILBORNE – A very fat, and very tall/large, Eastern European-looking vampire. He has a heavy, florid face and looks mean. But ultimately, he is weak due to his addiction to food and his willingness to do anything to get it.
Voice: "Thick, slow, desperate, evil and yet childish. A bit Jabba-the-Hutt-ish except in English. Accent is a little Romanoff"

MELVIS -- The ghost of an Elvis impersonator named "Melvis". Melvis is funny, a bit of a loser, and takes great pride in his Elvis 'look' even after his death. He'll do anything to get more sequins for his costume.
Voice: Funny, loser, often impersonates Elvis when trying to be charming, perhaps a New York or Jersey accent. Nebbishy when not doing The King.

MONSIEUR BOBO -- He's an over-the-top and somewhat a parody of an upscale restaurant chef. He wears chef's white with a blood-stained apron and a chef's white hat. He has a big moustache which is his pride and joy. He pretends to be French, effecting a French accent, but in reality is from the Bronx. He should be a comic figure, cowering in fear after being visited by the Glutton and practically trembling in his boots. The Glutton killed his sous-Chef and demanded Bobo make a recipe Bobo doesn't know how to make. So he's terrified the Glutton will return and kill him. Age -- around 50.
Voice: fake French accent, pretentious, spoiled cry baby

PETITE PETE -- Petite pig is a were-pig. He (and the other pigs in the pig barn) should be cartoonish and super cute traditional pigs (white/pink with a pink snout and cute eyes). Pete is capable of speech and of looking quite intelligent for a pig.
Voice: Cute, on the childish side but not too young. Funny. Self-depreciating.

ESTRELLA, THE UNDEAD CANVAS -- An attractive but trashy-looking female vampire and member of the Cirque Terrible troupe. She has elaborate tattoo patterns all over her body. Most vampires lose any tattoo when they sleep due to their regeneration, but Estrella has a special gift of being able to 'recall' any previous states of her skin and so can display a wide range of different tattoos at will. She's not a very old vampire. She has rough, uneducated ways and little loyalty. When we see her she's very scared of being found by the Flagelli and decapitated.

BLACK JACK -- Black Jack is a vampire pirate. He really was a pirate back in the traditional pirate days (peg leg, black tri-corner hat, frock coat), and still dresses like that because he owns and operates a pirate bar on Charleston harbor that draws the tourists. He carries Polly the parrot on his shoulder. He's smart and very wary of strangers and authority.
VOICE: Pirate -- arg. Stubborn and cruel.

SALTY SAM -- Human. Salty Sam runs a tattoo and souvenir shop in Charleston's pirate harbor. He's an older guy, in his 60's or 70's. He comes across as an "old codger" character actor, always going off on irrelevant reminiscences.
VOICE: Old-timer, sounds a bit toothless. Chatty.

POLLY THE PARROT -- Polly is a classic green Caribbean parrot, very pretty and cocky. She is intelligent for a bird, though, but too ignorant (being a bird) to respond to Dahlia's threats.
VOICE: Classic parrot -- the more bird-like the better. Gender neutral but female would probably work best.

THE FLAGELLI -- This vampire sect is comprised of bubonic- plague-victims-turned-vampires and they live in the catacombs of Rome. They were converted during the Black Death in 1350. They are utterly inhuman, and will do anything to get the sun potion.
VOICE: Snake-like, hissing, pure evil

Note from It is recommended that you protect all your audition work by watermarking the submission or only recording a portion of the script provided by the client. This will render your audition file useless for anything other than reviewing your voice. Not sure what watermarking is? Please visit our FAQ section for more information.

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